"Your Warning"

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The poem really explains itself. The name draws you in, does it not? Haha

Submitted: July 06, 2011

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Submitted: July 06, 2011




To live your life for others

Is to live no real life at all.

To live your life for someone else 

Will only make you fall.


Don't live this life style;

It is far from worth it.

The feeling, almost tangible,

So real that you could surf it.


I'm not one to lie.

This is all from experience.

So please do not try 

My dangerous experiment.


Don't live for others.

Just live your own story. 

Don't read anyone else's

And you will have no worry.


So now you've had your warning.

I hope you feel the same,

And when you have lost yourself

There's only you to blame.

© Copyright 2018 Amber Nicole 79. All rights reserved.

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