Blaka and the lion cub

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Blaka and his lion cub find much adventure during a day of play and learn a valuble lesson about listening to your mother. My 5 and 8 year old sons are co-writers on this little adventure:)

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



Blaka and the lion cub


There once was a boy named Blaka, he lived only with his mother whom he called mama Tula and his frisky pet lion cub. Mama Tula always told Blaka to only play outside with his pet but Blaka was afraid his cub would be hurt. However since she was his mother Blaka took the lion cub outdoors for a game of ball.They had been playing for quite awhile when suddenly Blaka threw the ball very high. wanting to please the boy the cub jumped into the air to catch the ball and he landed with a thud on the roof! Blaka didn't know how to get his faithful pet down so he ran inside to fetch Mama Tula. She knew just what to do, she called the fire department who arrived with a truck and ladder and a fireman carried the cub to safety. Mama Tula told Blaka they should not play so close to the Blaka took the cub into the woods to play.

once inside the woods the boy and his companion found a stream teaming with fish! This gave Blaka an idea, he thought that with a stream so full it should be simple to catch a fish with his bare hands, or claws in the cubs case! They leaned over the creek eagerly for quite sometime trying this new sport, when suddenly a very large fish jumped from the water and startled the poor cub who promptly fell in. Blaka was beside himself with fear as he watched the current sweep his friend away. when the cub washed up on a large rock in a wide part of the stream Blaka had no idea how to get to him! So he once again ran to get Mama Tula who of course knew just what to do. She found a sturdy branch on the banks of the water and lowered it to the rock where the cold, wet, scared cub sat shivering. She urged him to walk across the branch into Blakas arms and he did! Mama Tula then told blaka that the woods were far too dangerous for a boy and his cub and he must find somewhere else to play.

So Blaka and the cub decided to go to the caves to play. Now Blakas mother had always warned him to stay out of the caves as they were far too dangerous. But Blaka thought he wasn't allowed to play anywhere! His mother thought everything was to dangerous so the boy and the cub ventured into the darkness to explore the cave. The cave was dark, and damp and while the cub could see, the boy could not. He ventured further and further into the chilly cave and it was only growing darker and colder. Just as the boy was about to give in to fear and go back he was plummeted into a dark pit. He began to cry and the cub was frightened. He was just a little lion he didn't know what to do!!! He thought back to earlier in the day remembering how the boy had helped him and so he ran to get Mama Tula.

When the cub returned home alone Mama Tula knew something terrible had happened for the cub had never left the boys side! she called the police and they all followed the cub back to the hole where Blaka lay crying. The police lowered a man into the dark pit to carry blaka out and though he had a broken leg and was frightened he was mostly ok. He knew how lucky he was. and from that day forward Mama Tula liked the boy and his cub playing in the house, and the boy always listened when his mother said something was too dangerous. And they all lived happily ever after.








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