Take Me

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Sometimes you just want a restart button, to erase all your memories, and be taken by death to a far far away place where you don’t want to deal with the mental pain and sorrow. How God could want
this ugly me? But still try.

Submitted: July 08, 2018

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Submitted: July 08, 2018



Wipe my memories 

Take away the love, the sorrow,

The pain-

Take it all away,

Including my effort in vain-


Take the beautiful feelings, 

The thoughts, the lovely words I said-

Keep them saved in a place forgotten

Where my heart might be now all rotten

Take it all away-


Take my tears, 

The sleepless nights, the wounds,

My hope-

The ugly things that I could offered,

And any rewards from when I've suffered-

There's nothing much you can take away-


is my broken soul worth enough

to be overtaken by Your love?

I don't want to be at the shore

I want to walk into the deepest waters

I feel there's something more 

A place where I can only hear Your voice-


Take my sadness,

My quiet despair, the lonely pain,

The Love again,

Turn me into nothing, 

Empty me in full

Make this all struggle collide to be null-


Take me to that place

You have promised me so much,

Let me tell you this straight 

'Let me go back home now'


Wipe my memories again,

And fill me with your thoughts,

Let this season end, let me sing Your song

Repair everything that's wrong,

And Please allow me to be strong 

Take the Love away,

Give me a new heart

'Cause so far I have walked astray-

While you were waiting for me...


Give me the right direction,

Let me know you more,

I want you to improve me,

To be more like you-

I truly want to be from those few

That only follows You...

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