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something i wrote a while back. its basically about my best friend telling me he loves me than turning and saying im not good enough for him.

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012




you meant everything to me and you showed me another side 

you made me happy but now all you do is make me cry

did you even love me?

did you ever mean anything you ever said to me?

do you even remember the promises you made?

all the questions you left me with, nothing will ever be the same

you swore to me you were different but you just proved  your nothing special

why did you make me fall so hard?

did you ever feel the same?

i hate you, but at night you run through my mind

your like a nightmare i can't escape.

you left me without so much as a goodbye 

left me without so much as an explanation 

do even care?

you swore to always be there and promised me you would stay

you swore you were different but you proved to me your just the same

i'm never wasting my time on you or love again

thank you for breaking me so much to the breaking point i hate you

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