Can't Do Anything Right

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Submitted: November 01, 2006

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Submitted: November 01, 2006



all that he does, all of the time
is complain about me and all that is mine
it seems like nothing i ever do is right
i think about what i do wrong every night

i don't understand why he can't see
he's not as perfect as he thinks himself to be
he makes plenty of his own mistakes
but if i do one thing wrong that's all it takes

many different complaints have been said
he's not afraid to voice what's in his head
here are some examples of what he might say
while he complains about me night and day

"clean your room, make your bed
make sure my dog gets fed
wash the dishes, do the laundry
take a shower and leave hot water for me

why don't you try talking to me more
stop going in your room and closing the door
get off the internet, stop blocking th line
i need the phone for work, don't tie it up all the time

take off your shoes stop scuffing my floor
what do you even have them on for?
don't have the neighbor over today
i don't feel like seeing her come this way

maybe you should turn the music down some
by the time your 30, you'll have a busted ear drum
why are you ignoring me, what did i do?
i didn't do anything to you

an alcoholic, is that what you call me
we'll have to see how long that will last, won't we?"
if you really want to know what i think about this
listen carefully make sure there's nothing you miss

my room is straight, my bed's made as you can see
your dog would be dead if it wasn't for me
the dishes get washed, your clothes do get clean
take a shower before the water gets taken if you know what i mean

how can i talk to you, you sit there and snore
as for closing the door that's what its for
you don't even pay the phone bill you know
when you can work you hardly ever show

there is a reason to be wearing my shoes
when i get ready to feed your dumb dog there of use
as for the neighbor, she's my only friend
and you disrespect her to no end

don't worry about my music or ears
i'm sure you'll have trouble with yours through the years
i only ignore you when you drink
you've done many things to me, sit and think

i never called you an alcoholic, listen to me
who ever started that lie, i have a clue who it might be
you don't know how many times you've made me cry
i sit on my bed and stare out at the sky

your not the perfect human being
through tear-filled eyes its hard to tell what i'm seeing
but i can hear all the yelling you tend to do
my ears work fine, every night i hear you

you yell and shout every night
i'm tired of hearing every stupid fight
i sit in my room and try to hide
then i hear a complaint thrown out on the sid

yes its true you've made me cry
i try to forget i really try
it gives me something to think about at night
the fact that i can't do anything right

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