Does He or Not?

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This poem is about a young girl and her relationship with her father.

Submitted: November 01, 2006

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Submitted: November 01, 2006



my mommy and my daddy split up about 11 years ago
i was only three years old then so i really didn't know
my mommy moved in the country, my daddy moved out to Green
i moved in with my mommy and on the weekends my daddy was seen

then when i was 5, my daddy moved to the beach
i still saw him on weekends- it was just a longer reach
not long after, my mommy moved out of the state
i was 7 and seeing my daddy every other weekend was my fate

as time went on the visits slowly became less and less
i really missed my daddy, this i must confess
it started to be once a month maybe once every two
i wonder if my daddy missed me then when our visits were long overdue

my daddy called the school when i happened to be nine
he told them i should be with him over their telephone line
my counselor would ask how my home life was when he would talk to me
but at the end of the year i told him i was fine so he let me be

it might have been better that i didn't move in with my daddy
he ended up having trouble with his now ex-wife you see
as always time still passed and the divorce finally came
the only thing they still share is their last name

not too long ago, my daddy moved up to baltimore
i saw him once up there, i thought he'd stay for sure
of coarse i was wrong, it confirmed my fear
for he didn't even manage to stay up there for an entire year

my daddy now lives in texas- in san antonio
he said that he might move there but i didn't think he'd go
one day i got a phone call, he had left without a trace
he didn't even tell the one he lived with face to face

it's been a year and a half since i've seen him last
i guess that makes my daddy just a part of my past
i plan on driving down to see him in 2010
i wonder if he'll still remember me, it'll be six years by then

i really miss my daddy but i guess this is how it'll be
i wonder if he misses me, a daughter he doesn't get to see
i really love my daddy i love him a lot
but since he left i don't know if he loves me back or not

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