The Boy

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This story is about a boy that is lost in the world.

Submitted: October 20, 2006

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Submitted: October 20, 2006



a boy came to school always in despair

he thought that the world just didn't care

in his eyes you could see he held back the tears

he was trying to hide from all of his fears


another was faced with an akward task

she needed to know she had to ask

she didn't know what could be so bad

to make this poor child incredibly sad


so one day she finally asked the question

unaware of what might be the reaction

but the boy agreed that he would talk

and they ended up going on a surprisingly long walk


"i feel so lonely i feel so cold

i've never really had any love to hold

my mother ignores me my father just left me

its like i don't exist as far as they can see


deep inside there's an empty space

it feels like i don't belong in this place

i was usually alone at home not to mention

i never got any love or attention


what did i do i don't understand

 is this how my life was planned

i thought there was supposed to be a greater force

to lead my life on an easier course


i've never had a loving family never had a friend

i'll be lonely forever lonely till the end

i guess that's what it all comes down to

i see that now that i've talked to you"


she walked and thought for quite a while

then she said with a friendly smile

"i'll be your friend if you want me to be

it would be great - you and me"


the boy thought she just does't get it

there's just no way i'll ever fit

like i said i'll be alone forever

i'll endure what i endeaver


the fact is she completely understood

she had been an orphan throughout childhood

she never even had a home to go to

but she managed to make it she pulled through


the future is what we need to worry about

we can change things we can take a better route

there's no point to just sit and complain

that isn't going to kill the pain


she still doesn't see what could be so bad

nothing in the world could make you that sad

she went back to the orphanage with one thought that day

how could some one so lucky feel that way?

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