They are there for her, there for me
Thank you

Lonely eyes, and sunken heart

Broken confidence makes insults smart

Not one big thing made her this way

Just every little thing chipping away




A performance for the crowd

Laughing out loud

Head facing down

Watching the ground


Fighting her way

Through another hard day

Trying desperately

To fool them again




So in a moment she gets a chance

To turn around for another glance

What could the world where she’d rather be

Give to her, give to me


It takes a while but soon she will see

They are there for her, there for me




So thank you dear friends who showed me the light

Thank you my friends that showed me what’s right

You reminded me to hold my head high

Reminded me to smile not sigh




And even though not all friends will see

No matter what you did to me

Belittled and beaten, right to the floor

Until I got the courage to walk through the door


The bad brought a lesson, one I must learn

It’s not for many, I must earn

A few good friends is better than a lot

Too many and, it all goes to pot




But those few good friends, as you may find

Are the only ones who actually mind

Whether or not you are okay

And give you the strength to last the day


The worlds not all bad, just not always great

But it really helps if you have a good mate

Hello might work, and how are you even more

Especially with the hope that there is more conversation in store




So next time I see someone

Head held low

It might be time I have a go

Hello, how are you? And let my smile show




So Thank You good friends for what you do, even though the order is tall

Though I don’t know if you know what you do at all






Submitted: February 04, 2014

© Copyright 2023 AmberElise. All rights reserved.

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