A Love Always Tinged With Sorrow

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Where is the point that we realise we have fallen in love? Carried along upon the flow of feelings without labels, just being carried along. Then waiting. Waiting for that sign. That phone call. That text. That confirmation. A word to say....what? I love you. I love you too. I can't live my life without you? Waiting for a word, anything, to lift us from that void of self doubt, loneliness and need.

Submitted: November 25, 2012

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Submitted: November 25, 2012




Lifting me high upon angel wings,

A love fleeting

And always tinged with sorrow,

Rising above the ebb the flow

Of NEVERENDING loneliness

High upon clouds dipped in shadow.


Then I fall

Fall so far

Like Lucifer

Upon this ground so harsh so hollow


An angel was but a demon....

I am nothing



A poison in a cracked dry throat

Which I cannot swallow.


I feel everything




I gave myself so readily so thirstily

I feasted unafraid

Then his silence took me shook me


And I wait. And I wait. Again.


I sip the memory of making love

And the red wine,

The angels-

They never lie,

It was but a demon,

One that tried to pull me from darkness with threads of darkness,


He has taken my mind.


I am no longer his lover

But lost

A churned up ugly parched shell.

I will never be his lover-

And the cost?

All this...all that was...all that was mine.


So I walk,

More alone than before

Yet feet are sturdy

As isolation swirls around

With fragments of lessons that are never learnt

Lies, dreams, self denial

Then giving and giving myself

More bridges burnt

With no shield, no guide


A lover lost: the end, goodbye....


No spirit by my side.


My tears cannot fall

My soul is dry


A lover that is lost

Another that never was,


And I wait for flickers of angel wings to come and lift me high.



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