The Moon, My Mind, Syfi.

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A short story about a dream or a reality.

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013




The sun was just rising, shining over my bright green yard that was shimmering with tiny dewdrops. The sky had an unusual pink tint with tope waves. The moon was still out, ready to leave for the day. I walked outside and a cool breeze swept over my entire body. This day was unlike any other, I wasn’t sure what was different, but something was. I picked up the hose and turned the knob, but no water came from it.

The air got colder with every minute and I was now freezing. The sky’s lively color turned into a tornado of reds and blacks erupting like a volcano. The cold air started to sway like a violent ocean current attacking my body. I tried to run inside but I was knocked off me feet, and then unconscious.

I woke up, my vision had a gray tent and I felt dizzy. I tried to stand up but there was no floor beneath my feet. The room seemed to be pitch black but I wasn’t sure. Where was I? I tried to speak but no words were coming out. In fact, I couldn’t hear anything. I felt hands on me, shaking my body, I tried to free myself but I was now being pulled down. Then my sight returned, there was no floor or roof. The room wasn’t a room, it wasn’t anything at all. Nothing existed, not even my body. The only thing I could tell for sure is that I had eyes.

Then I could hear, there was a humming wandering through my ears. It was a woman singing some kind of melody. I couldn’t see her, but I could tell what she looked like. I just knew somewhere inside of me. That It was me. I was humming. But I couldn’t speak, only make noises. Birds started to chirp behind me and then there was an explosion of color in this place of nothing. Thick liquid colors ran all through it like acrylic paint. I could feel it squishing through my fingers, and then I could see my hands.

I started to slide through the paint as it started to pull me farther down in the nothingness. What was beneath me? What was at the depths of this nothingness my body would soon be forced into. Then the hands started to claw at my flesh drawing blood and making my skin raw. The vibrant thick colors turned into a shade of the darkest red I had ever seen.

I looked above me and saw eyes surrounding everything existing in this nonexistent world. There eyelids like the wings of flies buzzing all around me drowning out my songs.

There was something in the distance, calling out for me. It was yelling out my name, no screaming it as loud as it could. It was getting closer, blinding me. It was a light, a beautiful white light. It finally reached me and the screaming stopped, the buzzing stopped. Everything was still, everything was silent. In front of me was a crescent moon, my eyes were in complete disbelief. It was the same moon I had seen in my yard this morning. Then I realized I was moving down faster than I had been before. I reached out trying to grab the curve of the moon, right when my hand touched it I felt a shock of electricity run down into my body.

The blood, the eyes, the fly wings, the moon, the nothingness, was all gone. I was gone. My mind was empty now, not a single thought passed through it, not a dream or even a memory remained. I was just there, no not even me, only my body. Was I dead? What the hell just happened? But none of my questions could be answered, because no one including myself could answer them.

There was a clock going off, chiming for me to wake up. I opened my eyes and examined the room. I was here, my body was here, and so was my mind. I sat up and looked around; I was in my house, in my own room. Was it all a dream? I looked out the window and saw the same crescent moon far away in the sky. The sun was just rising and the sky was the same pink and tope colors. I walked outside and tried the faucet. No water came from it. The cold wind started to shake my body, and then I was knocked off my feet.

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