Brandon's First Love

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Brandon, a fifteen year old boy meets a girl After he spends a lot of time with her, he falls in love with her.One day when he walks over to her house it turns out that she is in the hospital. Will she survive? Find out!

Submitted: April 25, 2009

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Submitted: April 25, 2009



"Brandon's First Love"

By Amber Plante

old blonde haired boy named Sam, and a fifteen year old brown haired boy that always carries a camera with him. His name is Brandon.

One day Brandon woke up early and decides to go down to the beach. When he gets there he sees a girl that he never saw before. He walks up to her and stares at her. When she looks up she says

"Hi, my names Annie, what's your name?"

When Brandon looked at her his stomach began to flip and flop

Then he said

"I'm Bra,Bra, Brandon."

"Well I'm new here, would you mind showing me around? "

"Sh, sh, sure I will."

Brandon and Annie walked down to the Big Pinaple

When they got there Brandon said

"This is the main place were every one eats."

"That's nice. Who's that?" asked Annie

"Huh? Oh, that's Robert. Don't hang out with him. He's a jerk."

When Robert walked up to Brandon and Annie he said

"Hay loser, who's your friend?"

Leave me alone Robert!"

"Oh yeah?! Make me!"

Then Annie punched Robert in the fase and he ran off.

Sabrina said

"Don't worry Brandon, I only do that in self-defence"

"I understand." Replied Brandon

"I will see you later."


All day Brandon could not stop thinking about Annie. Durring lunch Nick's Dad asked

"Nick, What's wrong with Brandon?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, He's been having his head in the clouds all day."

"I'll ask him." Nick looked at Brandon and said

Hay bro. What's wrong?"

"I'm just tired."

"Well come on man let's go. You told me that you would video tape me on the half pipe."

Then Brandon spotted Annie in the distance. Then he said

"Ah... take my camera."

After that, Brandon ran away with Nick looking puzzled

Then Sabrina and Sam showed up. Sabrina said

"Brandon not wanting to video tape? There is something wrong with him! What do you think Sam?"

"Well I suggest not talking to him, but just watch him reallly closely for a week and tell me in a week of how he acts. But don't tell me around him"


A week past and when Brandon was not there, Sam asked

"How did he act?"

"Well he always had his head in the clouds, he never wanted to film and he never carries his camera around anymore. Plus, he is always disapearing in the middle of a conversation."

"Well, it sounds like he's in love."

"Brandon never falls in love!"

"Well there's a first time for every thing."

"I guess."

"Just don't say anything to him or around him"


Two weeks after Brandon met Annie, he was never acting like himself.

One day when Brandon was sitting on a bean bag chair in his room he heard the doorbell ring. When he answered there was a package on the door mat. When he oppend it, it was a black skate board. On the bottom of the board there were red , blue and orange flames.

Also a note attached it said: Brandon, I made this board for you. I hope you like it. Brandon desided to try out the new board so he rode the board to the Big Pinaple.

When he got there, Nick was there.

Nick asked

"Hay man. Who gave you the new board?"

"Not sure. There was a note attached that said: Brandon, I made this board for you. I hope you like it. That's all it said."

Then he saw Annie walking on the beach

"Ah... I'll see you later."

Then Nick grabed Brandon by the hood of his jacket.

"Hay what was that for?!"

"I got caught up! I know you have a girlfriend. Who is she?"

"Her name is Annie and she's nice. Now if you don't mind, I have to go."

Then he sped off on the skate board. Shortly after wards, Sam an Sabrina showed up. Nick said

"Well we know the truth."

"Yeah," Said Sabrina

"I don't think you should have said that to him."

"What are you talking about Sabrina." Said Nick

"I wanted to know."

Mean while Annie and Brandon were talking. Brandon said

"What did you want me to see?"

"See that butterfly?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"Well watch."

One butterfly came then two, three, and hundreds of them came. they formed a circle, a star, a triangle and flew off. Then Annie said

"Isn't that amazing?"

"Yeah, it is."

Then Annie asked

"How do you like the new board that I made for you?"

"It's cool"

Then the sun started to set then Annie said

"Follow me."

"Where are we going?"

"You will see."

Annie stopped in front of a cave and said

"In here."

When they were in the cave, the roof of the cave lit up with beau crystals Brandon shouted in astonishment


"You like it?"

"Yeah! I do!"

Then Annie picked up a red crystal and she said

"Here, Take this crystal, it's said to bring good luck."

"Alright, thanks."

"Your welcome."

The next day Brandon walked down to the Big Pinaple. When he got there of course Nick was there. Nick asked

"Who gave you that red crystal?"

"Annie gave it to me. She found it in a cave. She said it would bring me good luck."

"Well I think you will need it today."

"Why?" "Because there is a skateboarding contest today. "

"Well I'll use the skateboard that Annie made for me."

Mean while, Annie was hanging out with her friends. Then Annie's friend Hannah asked

"So how is he?"

"How's who?"


"He's good."

then Annie's other friend, Haily asked

"Do you want to go To Hannah`s pool party later? "


"Why maybe?"

"I'm thinking about going skateboarding down by the peer."

Haily joked around and told Annie "You are such a tom boy skate boarding!"

"I know!" replied Hanah

"Good day." both the girls said.

Mean while, Brandon was skate boarding by the peer. When he stopped Robert was right behind him. Then Robert Said

"So, I guess your girl friend isn`t here to protect you!"

"Leave me alone! I'm not in the mood!"

Then Robert spotted Brandon's new board and when Brandon was not paying attention, Robert took Brandon's board.

Then Brandon shouted

"Hey! Give me that back Robert! "

"Why? Can't you by one like it?"

Then Robert intentionally rolled Brandon's skateboard away and it fell off the dock and into the ocean. Then Robert shouted with sarcasm


and ran off. Brandon was annoyed and surprised because of what he had done.

A week passed and Brandon went to Annie's house. When her mother answered the door she had tears in her eyes. Brandon asked

"What's wrong Mrs. Johnson?"

"Brandon, come and sit down on the couch, I have to tell you something."

When they were sitting on the couch, Mrs. Johnson sighed and started to talk "Brandon, listen, Annie was ridding in the car with her older brother and a drunk driver was speeding down a residental neighborhood and hit the car head on. She is in the local hospital in critical condition"

Brandon ran out of the house with out saying a word and ran to the hospital and asked the lady at the front desk.

"Excuse me. May I see Annie Johnson?"

"Yes, follow me.".

When Brandon got into Annie's room he could see a bunch of her family members huddled around her.

When he finnally got to see her all he saw were a bunch of machines that were attached with needles that were injected in Annie. One needle was attatched to her right wrist, one to her left lower shoulder and something attached to her finger that looked like an E.T. finger. On her mouth was an oxygen mask that helped her breath in and out. Her body was coverd with black and blue brusies.

When Brandon looked at her, tears started to roll down his cheeks.

"What happend?"

Brandon asked.

And before anybody answerd he fell asleep for about three hours

and that's when he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he looked upat her, the mask was off her face. As he looked at her,with relief that she was going to be alright she had a big smile on her face, which made him happy even though she could not speak. She had a look that said,

"Thankyou for being there for me."

She slowly rose her arms and was in a position were she wanted him to hug her. Brandon went up and hugged her.

When he sat back down, the doctor came in and said

"Sir, it's time for you to leave."

Brandon pleaded

"Please, may I stay with her a while longer?"

"Very well." the doctor said.

Meanwhile, time was passing by and Nick was waiting for Brandon

"Were is he?" Sabrina apeared and asked

"Were is who?"


"I heard he was at the hospital."

"Why? He never missis a contest."

"Well, let's go to the hospital and find out."

When Nick, Sabrina, and Sam got to the room that Brandon was in, the saw him sitting on a chair next to Annie.

"Hey man, why are you not at the contest?"

"I can't go with out Annie."

"The girl in the hospital is Annie?"

"Sadly, yes."

There was a long silance then Nick asked

"You realy love her, huh?"
"Yeah, I do."
"Well, I am sorry that I did not respect your desition."
"It's okay."

Three months passed and Annie was out of the hospital. She was already healed up and was running, jumping, and doing all the things that she used to do.

There are four friends- a brown haired sixteen year old girl named Sabrina, a fourteen year old boy with red hair named Nick, a fifteen year

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