The future of our society

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children are the future of our society and should be treated as such.

Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012




 children have it all their innocence,

 their unconditional love,


 but most of all their worriless minds

 their only job is to play and be happy,

 they have no bills to pay,

 or a job to tend,

 they have no kids to keep safe

 yes we all know it;

 a child is the best,

 they may get on your nerves

 and make you upset

 but you will never turn your back

 on an adolescent,

 you are there provider,

 their shelter,

 their love,

 their parent,

 you have the power

 to make the child

 or break the child,

 you have complete control

 the child will follow

 only where u lead,

 it is your decision

 how the child is raised,

 how they are fed

 and what school they attend,

 children bring us joy

 and motivation,

 they show us what it means

 to be truly happy,

 but if this...

 if this is true then why....

 why must we abuse and molest

 and murder with intent

 on hurting the poor child’s heart,

 we are destroying

 how our future minds think

 and breathe

 and even live and love,

 they are the world

 and the world

 is falling apart

 they are the next generation

 and they are dying

 they are losing hope,

 they are being torn from the world 

 one at a time.

 children are the best;

 and they may not know it

 but one day

 they will have the opportunity

 to tell us that what we are doing

 is wrong,

 it is unjust,

 it is morally upsetting

 and they are suffering

 because of it,

 the children are suffering

 because of our mistakes

 our bad judgments,

 our lack of intelligence,

 children are the best,

 let’s make sure they stay that way,

 make sure the children of the future

 have parents that will not kill them

 because of a rumor

 or just abuse them

 so that they can get free money

 from the government,

 make sure that instead

 of allowing them to get hurt

 they get helped..

 let’s make sure

 that our next generation

 is here.. that they are well,

 intelligent, and brave...

 let’s make sure the children are children!

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