Never Back Down

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New York Military Academy.

It’s another name for “school for rebellious teens who their parent’s don’t want to deal with”. At least it was to feisty Raven Rose Emerson. Her stunning beauty made the girl especially prone to bad crowds and bad boys, and unfortunately bad decisions. Bad enough for her to be sent to the ‘New York Military Academy’. Like court-mandated bad, like only-her-father’s-deep-pocket-kept-her-out-of-a-juvenile-correctional-facility bad.
Raven’s military experience gets even worse when her excessive trouble-making lands her with extra daily training with certainly the most demanding sergeant at the school: US Army Sergeant First Class Ahren Carver. Sergeant Carver is young, but with his outstanding service record and physical prowess he demands the respect of the teenagers who are barely younger than himself. And if Raven hates anything, it’s being ordered to respect someone.

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Submitted: April 14, 2013

The two army men stood opposite each other in the head office of the New York Military Academy. Despite their physical differences (one m... Read Chapter

Submitted: April 15, 2013

Sergeant Carver sat hunched over on his bed, clutching his left shoulder trying to numb the pain however he could. The bones repaired fin... Read Chapter