In the Sepia Forest

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He called to her in another world, one that wasnt possible. What will happen in the Sepia Forest?

Submitted: August 12, 2011

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Submitted: August 12, 2011



It started out like any other day. I got up, put on some clothes and went downstairs for breakfast. Ever since my mom and dad died, I lived with my uncle Benedict. He didn't make too much contact with me, maybe on account of the loss of my parents. Just a "hello" or "good morning" in the halls sometimes on the way to breakfast. He didnt need to shy away from me. I wasnt that close to my parents. They were never home or they were always away on some trip. For business or pleasure I didnt know. Nevertheless, he didnt make much contact with me. I only knew one of the cooks and some gardeners well.

This morning breakfast wouldnt differ from any other gathering between me and uncle. A quiet meal and yummy food awaited as I desended the large marble steps. At first this house really creeped me out. It was like I had stepped back into the 18th century. There was no electricity. And when I say that i mean no cell service, no tv, no computer no nothing! Thank goodness we had running water and flushable toilets! The house itself was a mansion. It had two large wooden doors that opened up to show a littlefoyer and then a set of stairs. Those stairs lead to a platform where there were two sets of stairs jutted out of them inopposite directions. Those stairs would lead to opposite sides of the square shaped second floor. Up there, was my bedroom, uncle's bedroom, uncle's study (where he spent most hours), the servants rooms, and other spare rooms I hadnt looked in.There was a 3rd and 4th floor but I wasnt allowed to go on them.Now, back to the foyer, if you turned to your right upon entering theentrancedoors, you would find a series of little dining rooms, some more grand than others (for hosting parties and gatherings).If you turned to your left, you would enter the kitchen. We always ate in the third dining room. I especially loved this one because of the way that it was alwaysdecorated. It had a red carpet running down the center of it. On the carpet was the table we ate at. It was wooden with a red table cloth. There were vases on the table though that held vibrant white roses.

I sighed as I walked into the room.

"Good morning neice." said uncle. He had this way of speaking that put me on edge. He was quiet but his voice resonated with power. He didnt sound strong though. He sounded weary, as if he was the old king of a wild kingdom.

"Good morning, Uncle." I responded politly. The servants placed our food in front of us and we began the silent task ofrefuelling ourselves. Uncle was done before me as always and he got up and left without so much as a goodbye or even a grunt. I didnt take it personally though. I finished my food and went to go explore the gardens as I did on sunny days. Today though, the sun looked as if it might be taken over soon by the clouds. Might as well hurry.

I had been watching a particulary young (particularly handsome) gardener. He looked a couple years older than me but had a face that had no equal. His jaw was strong and muscular. He radiated power yet gentleness. He looked like the perfect male model. Perfect. This day, I saw him over asmall bush (He was quite tall). I went over and walked past him.

"Samara..." he said. I was shocked that he knew my name. I hadnt told him. I had never even spoken to him. He must have read it on my face because he said, "Amelia, the cook, told me." Ahh, my friend.

"Yes?" I said

"I want to show you something. People tell me you are quite fond of the flowers that are placed on the table every morning." Again something that I hadnt told him but he knew about me. I tried not to show the shock that corsed through my body at the fact that he knew that about me.

"What is your name?" I asked wanting to know at least the most basic thing about him, considering he knew all about me.

"Xavier." he answered smiling slightly. I didnt know if i should go with him. After all, he was a stranger. A very handsome one butI wouldnt let myself get caught up on his looks! I didnt even know him. He also looked very strong. I was strong for a girl but was sure that I couldnt fight him off if I had to.

Somewhere in my mind ranting Xavier had walked off. I was debating whether or not to go back when he walked back from behind the wall in front of me

"Wow. I thought you were right behind me. Im sorry." WhenI didnt move he said "Well, are you coming or not?" Against everything any adult ever told me about running off with strangers I nodded and said that Iwas. We walked through a hedge maze that I had never seen before. It wasnt easy to follow either, which scared me. To get back I would have to depend on Xavier.

"This is new." I said, filling the comfortable silence.

"No. Its just that not many people know about it or how to get to it." corrected Xavier. I nodded. WowI thought. Suddenly, Xavier looked up at the sky.
"Its about to rain. Do you want to go back? I can show you another day." he suggested.

"Only if you want to go back. I have no problem with the rain." I said not really wanting to go back. He smiled obviously not wanting to go back either. As we forged on, light rain drops fell on our shoulders and head. I had always loved the rain: it felt clean and fresh.

As we rounded the last turn, we came to a wall. I was wondering what was the point of all this. We came to a bush wall like all the rest but this one didnt lead out. I was about to speakup when Xavier reached in the hedges so surely I didnt question him. Soon the bushes opened in a square almost like a door. I heard my shocked laugh before I realized that it was me. I was amazed that all of this could exist without the whole world knowing.

As soon as I got over the shock of the hidden door, I was immadiatly flabbergasted by the sight in front of me. We had come to a meadow surrounded by a lush forest. The roses that I loved so much sprouted over the field, but not enough for the prickly bushes to takeover the field and not enough for the field to look crowded or over grown by them.

"This is amazing." I said walking out in to the middle of the field. "Thank you so much." It was raining hard now. When I turned back Xavier was holding an amber leaf

"No," I heard myself protest before I knew what I was doing. He looked at me and blew the leaf into dust. The dust flew around the meadow dispite the rain. Everywhere it touched it changed the meadow and the forest into something new. By the time the dust settled the leaves had fallen off the trees and the rose bushes had withered. It looked like fall. On the opposite side of the field I saw a piano. It was burned though. The majesty of the black and and white keys in the shiny smooth frame of wood was gone, replaced by an object that was broken and destoyed yet its former beauty was clearly visible. Before I knew what I was doing, I was crossing the field and going over the the piano. The sudden silky dress that flowed my legs didnt bother me. Somewhere deep I had accepted it.

I felt Xavier smiling behind me.

"You are the sacrifice. You are going to save us." he explained.

"I know." I said. I climbed up on the piano, one arm resting under my head. I closed my eyes for just a second and savored the warm feeling of the piano.It felt like the rain that had suddenly stopped hadput out the fire and cooled down just abit.When I opened my eyes again, Xavier was gone. On the other side of the clearing there he was; the one thatI wasbeing sacrificed to. He was tall.I could see that even from here. As he walked closer, his features became clearer.He had tan skin and dark brown hair. It was almost black. His eyes were a beautiful grey color.I had thought Xavier had been beautiful but this man, this man was ethereal.When he had gotten to the piano he said "You are the one they are sacrificing?" I nodded my head. He pulled my hair from my bun and ran his fingers through it. "Just like in the dreams," he mummbled. So he had been having the dreams too. Nightly, I dreamed of a guy--this guy,that would save me from my life and deliver me into a new one that was filled with love and bliss.

"You will stay with m forever, you know? Forever. For eturnity." he said. I guess he repeated just to get his point across.

"I know, Aidan." I said, sitting up and suddenly knowing his name. Suddenly, things became unfocused for a second then cleared back up.

"Here." he said suddenly handing me a stunning black feather. It was the color of oil with golden streaks running through it. It looked likehe had captured the suns rays and gluedthem on the stunning black feather."Its so you can always come back to me, and when the time is right thats when youll stay for forever."

I looked at him, letting the confusion I felt show plainly through my face. He ignored it and leaned over and kissed me.

"So you can always come back." he wispered when he was done. He kissed me again and suddenly my world exploded.

_____ _______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________

"Crystal," someone said. I opened my eyes to see my uncle leaning by my bed. Not the uncle that I had just seen: the old haggared one. The one that was filled with powerbut not strong enough to use it.This one was lively and loving and talked to me every time he got a chance.This onecracked jokes and was the life of the party.He was stylish and funny and was just beginning to grey. Still, that looked cool on him.

"Your parents are downstairs.They are so excited to see you after their 2 month vacation. Get dressed. I made coffee."

As he left the room I sat up and ran my hand through my hair.

"It was just a dream." I told myself. Yet it felt so real. I got up and ran my hands over my lips. My lips that still tingled. Okay, now to get dressed. I had a full length mirror that I looked into every morning. I know it was stupid but I took the time to say 3 things that I appreciated about myself. When I got through with I reached out and took my hair out of the messy pony tail that I had accidently fallen asleep in. I loved it since I had let it grown long. As I waslookingat myself, I saw something flutter down to the floor in my peripheral vision. As I looked down at the floor I saw something that was impossible. It was black and gold and so beautiful it almost hurt my eyes.

I heard the chattering downstairs and it was like I was caught between two worlds. I bent down and picked up the feather and suddenly there were indecernable wispers playing in my mind. I couldnt understand them. Then it was quiet. Only one voice spoke now.

"Samara, I love you...come back when you can..."

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