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Muse, and Jaguar have a complex relationship, one that Jaguar isn't sure he is happy with, especially when Kestic and Alixion come into town.

Alixion and Kestic have a love hate relationship, half the time they get on just fine, but other times Alixion wishes Kestic had never found him.

Both Alixion, and Jaguar where found by strangely dominant women, seeing the connection, and noticing something is amiss the boys head off and try to find themselves.

Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012




She has frightened me to near death, and threatened me with it more times than I dare try to count, but she has stopped loving me. She kills people, ruthlessly, and not just in defense, no she kills for fun more often then not. Occasionally she gets pissed and toys with the idea of killing me. She never has, and more than likely never will. I can't say that I would be mad at her. It sounds beyond illogical, but it's true.  I've loved her since I can remember, she also been killing since I can remember. She is a whole three months younger than me, but she wears the pants most certainly. One of the very first memories I have is one where I am siting on own couch in our house at the time, she walks in bloody and I ask what she did, I knew she didn't hurt, Muse Grey doesn't get hurt. She told me that it didn't matter and to come get into the bath with her, so I did. I think I might have been five. One thing I don't understand is Muse and I always had our own house, yet I never remember seeing any adults anywhere to pay for anything. I assume Muse paid for everything, we haven't ever run out of anything either. I realized a while ago that when she kills she gets paid, and thats how I can get anything I want, she spoils me. We never went to school either, but both Muse and I are well educated, and I honestly don't know where to knowledge comes from. We are both thirteen, and nether of us have every been to school, I don't understand why the state hasn't found us, but I don't complain. I don't even know who my parents are, for all I know Muse found me and raised me.  
I woke up to Muse lying on my chest, this wasn't unsual she loves sleeping the same bed, she was awake as always. This morning I have two puncture wounds on my neck, so I know she feed on me during the night.I suspect this is partly because Alixion and Kestic are coming today, and she feels the need to mark me, and partly because she was hungry. Muse is part vampire, and I feed her, when she needs it. Today we have to go to town, I look forward to it. We live in NY so if she wants to show me off she can. On trips to town I normally wear, a choker leash, my collar of course, and occasionally she makes me wear the shirt that says "This little bitch is property of Muse Grey." I will likely wear it today, Alixion and Kestic will be in town. Though they are friends of her's Kestic and Muse are both very possive of their mates. Alixion and Kestic are both male, and both royals of so far off nation. They tend to pull the slip and leave most of the time though. "We need to get up if you want to go to town today." My Muse reminds me. "Alright. Do I have to wear the shirt?" I hope to catch her off guard I ask the question quickly, however I have doubts. "Yes you have to wear the shirt, and I'm in the mood to dress you up today, so expect makeup." she has that tone of voice that makes me wish I didn't get to play life size barbie. 
I'm up dressed in my collar/choker, the shirt, I don't have my leash on yet, and she is in the process of putting makeup on me. As of yet I have on concealer, mascara, red eyeshadow, clear lip gloss, she put my earrings that are shaped as daggers in my ears, and I have more eyeliner on than any one person I have ever seen. I look good though, maybe gay as fuck but good. She has done something to my hair I'm not quite sure yet, she doesn't want to let me see until she's finished. OMG my hair, she made my hair super short, and it has just enough left to spike it in those tiny spikes, she also did that for me. I have naturally white/blond hair this is an outrage, but since Muse did it I probably won't say shit, besides it doesn't look as bad as I orignally thought. Actually I kinda like it. "Jagaur if you don't hurry up we are going to be late for lunch with Kestic and Alixion." I rush out the door, Muse wouldn't be happy if we were late. As we head to the mall, Muse lists everything we need to buy: Ketchup, milk, butter, sugar, flour, eggs, water, egg noodles, chicken stock, carrots, celery, and potatos. some esentials and then some of the ingredents for chicken soup. Muse is making soup for Kestic and Alixion, the are spending the week. I think Muse is going to arrange for Kestic, her, Alixion, and I to have sex. I think it will turn out well. We are at the mall, Kestic and Alixion are waiting on us. Muse walks over and kisses Kestic straight on the mouth, the crowd in the mall looks throughly scandalized, while some of the men whistle. Muse and Kestic break their kiss, Muse walks over to me, "Kestic?" her question is unclear, but Kestic appearently understands. Kestic just nods, and then I hear Muse speaking again, "Jaugar kiss him, with all you have." it's and order one I will gladly follow Alixion is cute. I reach out to him, pull him close to me, nuzzle his cheek, and then I kiss him. He deepens to kiss and now we exploring each others mouths with tongue. I looked over to Muse she was nodding her approval. Kestic looked ready to melt. Kestic has a dick, but other than that she has a girl's a body. I am enjoying this myself. I lift Alixion to where I am carring him on my hips and our dicks are touching. At this point Muse breaks us up, and tells us "Save it for the bedroom Alixion, Bitch." She loves calling me that. "Come on Muse, pet, Jagaur! We have shopping to do!" Kestic is a a mini shopaholic. I lean towards Muse and whisper in her ear "Why don't I just be bitch for the remaining time, and Alixion can be pet?" I hope everything will simplify this way. Muse speaks aloud "Kestic," she points to Alixion "pet" then points to me "Bitch. Agreed?" she asks for confirmation "Sure. Come on bitch, pet, Muse." Kestic heads first to Spencers, I love this shop, it has really interestig things. Muse looks interested in a pair of hand cuffs, while Kestic seems to be favoring a white and green leash. Alixion and I are looking at tee-shirts. My favorite so far says "Yes I'm a bitch, but I am a damn good one" I think I'll ask Muse if I can get it. Most people are shocked by our age, but then they get to know us. Store clerks don't care, so long as we pay for what we buy, which we always do. "Pet, bitch, get over here!" oh boy. "That's Kestic we better go Jagaur." Alixion and I leave and head to Kestic, and I assume Muse. "Good you're here. We're going to the food court come on." I am used to not having a choice, I like it. I lean to Alixion and whisper "What's got Kestic in such a mood?" I chance a glance up to them at the checkout, they don't seem to notice.  Kestic bought the leash, and I have to distinct feeling that those cuffs will be seen soon."Truth be told, we had amazing sex before we came." he sounds smug. "Yeah, I put my dick in his ass." oops Kestic just whispered in my ear. "Way to join a converation." Oh god I have a feeling I'm in trouble, Muse doesn't look happy, nether does Kestic. I can feel trouble coming on like wet on a fish. "Pet leash now!" Kestic is talking in that way where both Alixion and I know that we are going to be punished when we get home, maybe before if they get mad enough. "Bitch leash, and I swear to god if I have to say anything else to you while we are in this mall, you will be punished before we get home, if I have to do it in the middle of the mall." dear god help our poor poor asses, Alixion looks to having the same thought that I am. "The same goes for you pet."  Kestic sounds pissed. ohh boy. We are at the food court, Kestic and Muse order a pizza and we all eat. Then we leave to mall it's five pm and they still look ready to kill. We got to a bar, with a drive thru, Kestic orders a brandy, Muse orders a vodka on the rocks, we leave and arrive at the house in about 30 minutes. "Straight to the playroom boys."  Muses order has me surprised. I know we are going to be punished, but now she sounds happy rather than pissed, maybe it's the vodka?  Alixion shoots a look of confusion towards me, I shrug back with a look that says enjoy while you can. "Boys we weren't mad at you, we just wanted to get you worked up, so we could have an excuse to have fun tonight." Kestic's explaination has me ready to kill. "Wait wait wait you pretended we were in major trouble, so you could have fun? That's crazy, and I am more than sure that I speak for both Jagaur and I when I say that I am mad at you!" Alixion surprises me he's not the type to speak out. "He does speak for both of us. I honestly don't think I want to have sex with anyone now." Muse looks shocked, Kestic is looking like her twin. 

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