The Tragedy of the Author

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A short glimpse into a life of a man who has lost everything.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Language should be simplistic. It may not create as good ofimagery but what good is a lot of words describing something if it is too complicated for the masses of people to sort out.

The author was thinking this to himself as he scribbled more notes down on to his pad. He had been working hard, crafting a beautiful masterpiece. That he believed would finally give him the recognition he deserved. His life joy had been this project and he had finally completed it. He used beautiful and marvelous words to captive the imagination in to seeing the true beauty of the world in which he had written. His writing was all he had left in essence his child to pass on his legacy. You see his real children had been killed in a tragic accident and his wife unable to recover from such a lost had hung herself. He had no sympathy for himself though he thought of his wife weak for her actions, abandoning him. All he needed was his work, but there it lay completed in front of him. What did he really wish to gain from its completion? Would it be fortune or fame? He honestly knew not likely. He decided to crumble up his work which was no easy task and throw it away. When he was finished crumbling he walked swiftly to the waste basket and saw that it was full of many others of crumble papers all filled with the same exact story he now had crumbled in his hand. This did not however phase him and he tossed the papers on to the basket but they soon rolled off on to the floor. The author walks back to his desk and begins writing again.

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