The Haunting of 1313 Raven Road

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something is haunting the Greene family.

The Haunting of 1313 Raven Road


The Green Family: New occupants of 1313 Raven Road. 

Mrs. Christina Green: Father. Moved his family here because he was assigned to be the manger of the store here that his company runs. Skeptic of the house being haunted.  

Mr. George Green: Mother. Stay at home mother. Author. Skeptical about the house as well.  

Samantha (Sam) Green: Fifteen. Less than thrilled about moving. Thinks that the house is “creepy and weird” Doesn’t like the house at all. 

Rebecca (Becky) Green: Twelve years old. A very curious girl.  

Molly Green: A six year old who has had many ‘imaginary friends’.

The Rivers: Next door neighbors to 1313 Raven road 

Nick Rivers: One of the Rivers’ twins. Twelve years old. Believes 1313 Raven Road to be 
Haunted and cursed because of the Evil Black Thing.

Kathy Rivers: Twin sister of Nick. Also believes that 1313 Raven Road is haunted and cursed.

The Entities: The original occupants of 1313 Raven Road.

Lilly: A five girl who died at 1313 Raven Road. Lived their in the 1940’s. Was killed by the evil black thing. Now is one of the entities that haunt the house.

The Evil Black Thing: Another entity that haunts 1313 Raven Road. Is evil and caused Lily’s death.

Setting: 1313 Raven Road. The town of Dead Tree. 



Inside 1313 Raven Road. Mr. and Mrs. Green are standing in the middle of the house’s living room. Movers are moving things inside from the moving van.

Mrs. Green: Isn’t this a great house George? All this room for us and it’s so close to your work. And I still can’t believe the price that we got it for. It’s amazing!

Mr. Green: It is impressive, isn’t it?

Their oldest daughter, Samantha walking carrying a cardboard box. Puts it down on the ground

Samantha: Not so impressive if you ask me, Dad. I’d still prefer to be back in our old town. Not all of us like being dragged out here to this old place. Dead Tree. 
Who in their right mind names a town ‘Dead Tree?’ Sounds like one of those creepy old towns in a horror movie.  

Mrs. Green: Now Sam, I know that you’re upset with having to leave Brandon and your friends. But you‘ll meet some nice new people here. Expand your horizons. Get to know small town life. And you can still write your friends back home. 

Samantha: Yeah whatever. Old place still preferable.

Mr. Green: Becky’s going to meet some of the neighbors after we’re done packing. Maybe you should go with her. 

Samantha (scoffing): Like I want to meet a bunch of annoying preteens 

Mrs. Green: Preteens often have older siblings. 

Samantha: Yeah…I’ll wait till school to introduce myself. That’s the way it’s suppose to happen. Otherwise I’ll look weird. Like one of those weird, too friendly, desperate for friends, people. And I don’t want to come off as desperate. Or weird. Like this house. Which is both weird and creepy.

Mrs. Green: This house isn’t weird or creepy. Sam. It’s a very nice house. And we were fortunate to get it at the price we did. Otherwise we would never have been able to afford a house like this one. And it’s most certainly bigger then our old house. You and Becky won’t have to share a room anymore. 

Samantha: Yeah, I still say it gives off creepy vibes. Seriously, it’s feels like someone’s watching you. Like a stalker or something. You walk into a room and you feel like there’s somebody in there with you even though there’s nobody there. I’m surprised the other kids haven’t complained about it. 
Mrs. Green (changing the subject): So you aren’t going with Becky to meet the neighbors?

Sam: Nope. I’ll be spending most of the day helping you guys unpack anyway. Then I’ll help Molly with her stuff as you made me promise. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that she’s not upset about this place with her crazy, runaway imagination and all. She’ll probably have some new imaginary friend by the end of today.  

Scene 2:

Becky the middle child walks out the door, shutting it behind her. She immediately sees a pair of twins standing on the sidewalk. A boy and girl. 

Becky: Oh, hi. I’m Becky. My family just moved here. Do you guys live next door?

Nick: Yes. I’m Nick and this is my twin sister, Kathy. You’re really are going to live in that house? 

Becky: Yep. 

Kathy: Aren’t you scared?

Becky: Why would I be scared?

Nick: You mean that you don’t know about what happened here? That the house is cursed? Nobody in town has mentioned that to you?

Becky: No… We just moved here today. What are you saying about the house being cursed?

Kathy and Nick look at each other for a moment, clearly silently debating something.
Kathy: The house is thought to be cursed because something evil lives their. Everyone else who’s moved into the house has never stayed very long. 

Nick: They always move out. Even the people around here stay away from it. Why even Becky and I have heard about the freaky stuff…

Kathy elbows him hard. He shuts up.

 Becky: What weird stuff? 

Nick and Kathy glance at each other for a moment. 

Kathy: Like seeing something black with red eyes peering out the windows at people who pass by when nobody is even suppose to be living their. And about people seeing the little girl who died there, playing in the yard.

Becky: The little girl who died there…

Nick: Yeah, some little girl was pushed down the stairs by the thing that lives there and died. It happened a long time ago.

Becky is visibly alarmed by this. 

Becky: And this thing that pushed her down the stars is still here…?

Kathy: everybody thinks so. It’s evil. As I said, nobody has ever stayed in the house for very long.

Becky: Well, that’s uh nice to know. I’ll uh see you tomorrow. Bye.

Nick and Kathy: Bye!

Scene 3:

Around the green family dinner table. They are eating dinner. 

Mrs Green: So did you get the chance to meet the neighbors today, Becky.

Becky: Uh huh. They were twins a boy and a girl named Nick and Kathy. They’re very nice and says that this house is haunted. 

Sam (under her breath): I knew there was something creepy…

Mr. Green: Oh, I’m sure it’s just a little joke…

Becky: They say that a girl died here and that people see red eyes looking out the window when nobody’s here and…
Sam (horrified): Somebody died? Red eyes. 

Mr. Green; It’s probably just a joke, Becky. It’s almost October. Halloween. They’re mostly likely trying to scare you as some sort of practical joke…

Sam: If they are, it isn’t funny. This house is seriously…

Molly (suddenly) : Lilly died. 
Everyone stops talking and stares at Molly:

Mrs. Green: Who died, sweetie?

Molly (Matter of factly): Lily died.

Becky: Who’s Lily?

Molly. The girl who use to live here. She died. She told me so. She was pushed down the stairs and she died. He neck broke. 

Mr. Green: Now see where is silly story is taking things Becky. It’s affecting Molly. 

Sam: I’m not going to have to set the table for Lily, am I Molly?

Molly: No. I don’t think so. She would have told me so if she wanted to eat with us. And she’s dead. A ghost. I think. And I don’t think that ghosts eat. 

 Mrs. Green: No I don’t think they do either, dear. It’s nice that you made a new friend in the house. Now you need to try and make some new friends outside of the house. Why don’t you go with Becky tomorrow and see if Nick and Kathy have a sister or brother. Because you know what we like to say…

Together: Pretend friends are good to have around, but real friends are more important.

Molly: But Mom, Lily is real! She’s not pretend. I saw and talked to her and she played with my toys.

Mrs Green: Smiling indulgently: I’m sure she did dear. Now please eat your carrots.  

Scene 4: 

In Molly’s room. Mrs. Green is reading The Three Bears to Molly as a bedtime story. 

Mrs. Green: And Goldie Locks looked up at the three bears and ….

Sam’s voice suddenly interrupts.

Sam: Mom! I can’t find my cross necklace! Have you seen it?

Mrs. Green: No dear I haven’t. Isn’t it in your jewelry box? 

Sam: No. Can you help me find it? I can’t lose it. It’s from Brandon! 
Mrs: Green: I’ll help you find it after I’m done tucking Molly in, okay?

Sam: Okay!

Mrs. Green finished the bedtime story and starts tucking Molly in.

Mrs. Green: Now get some sleep, okay? And tomorrow you can make some new friends with Becky. Alright?

Molly: Alright.

Mrs. Green. Goodnight, sweetie. See you in the morning.

Molly. Good night, mom.

Mrs. Green kissed Molly on the forehead and walks out, closing Molly’s door behind her. 
Molly settles down and closes her eyes. Just then the figure of a girl in old fashioned dress, circa 1940’s, walks across the room.  

The girl: Molly? Are you awake?

Molly sits up and sees the girl.

Molly: Lily! 

Lily: Hello Molly. 

Molly: Why are you here? It’s too late to play.

Lily (Gravely): I came here to warn you about the Evil Black Thing, Molly. You have to be careful. Your family has to be careful. It’s knows that you’re here and it’s not nice. 

Molly: Was it the thing that killed you?  

Lily (nodding and looking very upset: Yes. And I’m still scared of it. 

Then suddenly, Lily tenses up, looking terrified. 

Lily: Oh no! It’s coming! It’s heard me talking about it to you. It’s-

Then Lily turned around suddenly, looking terrified. Molly’s looks up, where Lily’s looking. 

The ‘thing’ is a tall and black shadow with glowing red eyes and hands that look like claws. Both Molly and Lily scream. 

Submitted: November 13, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Amelia Sterling. All rights reserved.

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