A Thousand Words

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A poem I wrote last night when I was shut up in my room at night when things are the hardest to face and everything comes flooding back.

Submitted: October 19, 2013

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Submitted: October 19, 2013



A Thousand Words

Take a look, come see inside,

Into this battle called my life.

In this moment, I'm lost and found,

In this silence, I hear no sound.


Shadows creep closer, suffocating me,

Look out the window, what can you see?

Light disappears, but never really leaves,

Scream and shout, crying these pleas.


Strumming these notes on a dead guitar,

Reminds me you're near, but oh-so-far.

This pain stains like a black tattoo,

Shatters my sanity like a glass shoe.


Draw the curtains, shut the blinds,

Hoping the devil will like what he finds.

He binds my body in the ropes of pain,

And takes my soul - it's his to gain.


Dark black death seeps through my head,

Slashing my strength as thin as a thread.

Ebony venom that rules the brain,

Toxins aiming to trap the shame.


A wonderland dark with fevered bliss,

Melding the soul into a senseless abyss.

A thousand words, but just one left,

A small sound, forced from dead lips: theft.


I'm lost in the moment as time slips by,

Broken, helpless, I start to cry.

I know, now, I have lost this fight,

As my empty eyes conceal the light.


Now for acting, this thin disguise,

All of these perfectly delivered lines.

The autumn spirits of my soul,

Suffer in the devil's hands, a vulnerable foal.


He stole my soul, no time for goodbyes,

And left me here to slowly die.

Amelia Davis

© Copyright 2018 Amelia96. All rights reserved.

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