You Are Me - Poem

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A poem about seeing a person suffering without realizing it's you.

Submitted: February 18, 2014

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Submitted: February 18, 2014



It's hard to finally let go
To all the things you've ever known
But then again you have no choice
When the demon inside controls your voice.

You've lived with him for all these years
You've let him eat at all your fears
He's wrapped you 'round his little finger
His touch, his voice, will always linger.

Your heart is stone, your eyes are glass
You thrash and shout as you breathe your last
He ties the string and paints a smile
You're his puppet, his glee so vile.

He took the sun, the moon, the stars
You live in the dark, locked behind bars
His voice won't stop, the shadows don't sleep
As bit by bit, your soul he reaps.

I watch you, and pray with all my heart
That one day, you and him can part
You want to fight and from him, be free
I know this because you are me.

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