88 Minutes

Status: Finished

88 Minutes

Status: Finished

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88 Minutes 88 Minutes

Poem by: American Roulette


Genre: Other



88 minutes


88 minutes


Submitted: February 11, 2012

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Submitted: February 11, 2012



As the light faded out of her life her lover spoke softly,

“I will be with you soon not intentionally but naturally”,

the sirens rang as she feel asleep permanently,

his heart raced in a rapid pace,

he remembers when they where young and full of life,

He would hold her in his arms and caress her each night,

her dreams evanescent with passion and love,

the children they'd raced,

their beautiful son,

the one he most cherished torn from his arms,

he held her secrets.


His hands became numb,

a shot through his arm,

straight down to his gut,

then up to his chest,

that shut down his lungs,

he could feel his last breath,

just moments away,

he had done what he had promised,

without further delay,

his last breathe came,

as he sucked the air in,

It was full of their memories,

and the tasted of her skin,

As light slowly faded,

for her now for him,

88 minutes later,

he was with her again.

© Copyright 2016 American Roulette. All rights reserved.

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