A Herd of Sheep

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This is a song I wrote.

Submitted: March 07, 2012

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Submitted: March 07, 2012



Like a herd of sheep,

each following mud soaked tracks,

with identical prints,

that undoubtedly match.


Marching like soldiers,

there is no right or left,

try to make your move,

and they'll beat you to death.


but don’t be deliberately weird,

because deliberately weird is pretty obvious,

just find your knack,

to keep your sanity in tact.


I am close to the same,

but my fingerprints don’t match,

my coat is blue,

with skin dry and cracked.


I'm a master follower,

and a hopeless believer,

there’s no one leader,

when everyone feels the same.


until we're dried out schemers,

with nobody else to blame,

this herd is like no other,

will it ever wake up?


The farmer has lost all home,

he has sold the land,

to your favorite brand

wear it proudly,

we'll switch our coats from,

white to awnry,

the tracks are now dried out,

and we cant find our way,

how does it feel?,

no one tomorrow will feel like today.

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