American Roulette

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Just wrote.. and kept writing

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011



It stared as a symbol,
a forehead kiss goodbye,
my heart was always changing,
it couldn't pick its side,
I led you on for distance,
you kept up by my side,
but now my feelings different,
I can't keep up this lie,

Did you know I think about you at night,
your my biggest regret,
I get through every day and try,
but your heart is now broken,
Torn apart like mine

I've got these scriptures written,
I read them all the time,
they remind of your smile,
they remind me of goodbyes,
we tread on pins and needles,
a light that we cant find,
its written in the darkness,
with eyes blinded by light

did you know i meant it when i said I love you,
I just don't love myself,
I'm hidden in a costume,
a mannequin deep inside

a string of thoughts now broken,
a dim look from outside,
a chapter in a book where,
the epic hero dies,
a combination lock stuck,
with a code that comes to mind,
but i cant ever find it,
I'm stuck in strange rip tides

did i ever say I'm just a ledger,
a small portion of your life,
a poem thrown together,
with end words that don't rhyme,
and you may find me someday,
or on the day I finally die,
you'll look right at my picture,
and push it right aside.

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