Fall or Land

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Submitted: March 07, 2012

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Submitted: March 07, 2012



It's a flip of a coin,

today could be your day,

in a million different ways,

heads your promotion,

tales your demise,

everyday somebody dies,

and its out of control,

your life as a whole,

from the tip of your toes,

to the brain in your skull,

there’s no answer to fate,

and no plans to escape,

no book can foresee the truth we negate,

and is this what keeps me going?

the freedom of not knowing,

that this could be my day,

or the day that I die,

It's out of our hands,

and placed on numbers demands,

a small chance to fall,

a slim chance to land,

The beauty of life is a story untold,

lets keep it that way before we get old,

and have no tale to tell,

or memories to find,

A life lived blacked out,

is a life drawn blind,

this day on earth,

will never come again,

its ours to define,

and its ours to defend.

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