I'm an Animal

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Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012



I feel so trapped in foreign will,

just a rat inside a cage,

under a microscope,

waiting to be surveyed,

I feel so lost in shameless war,

under the rug that is my life,

I'm just a line upon the page,

or a sign along the road.


I'm an animal,

I'm an animal.


I chase only my desires,

but they are to high to reach,

I lose my head on Friday nights,

I like my image sad and torn,

I wake up dry and empty,

close my eyes sad and slow,

I sleep in empty rooms,

filled with my own false hope


I'm an animal,

I'm an animal.


This house was built for caving in,

rigged for a fall the shape I'm in,

is not a place to be,

it seems so strange to me,

How I can't supply myself,

with the tools to save my life,

walking on troubled feet,

I fall to the ground.

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