Lonely Customer

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Eating alone

Submitted: April 22, 2012

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Submitted: April 22, 2012



I light a cigarette,

I've got nobody to go with,

I sit behind two women,

to hear their conversation,

I get stares from my elders,

Why is this young man here alone?,

I order my plate and ask for the cream I never got,

its already here,

maybe they think I'm mature beyond my years,

I just had nobody to go with,

I enjoy the silence in solitary thought,

Its always the lonely kid who gets singled out,

that weird guy who talks to himself,

but I'm talking to this paper,

my paper kind of looks like me,

pale empty and waiting to be written on,

she arrives with my plate,

I dig in and look out the widow,

I sit as she elaborates and exaggerates,

my turn comes as I set my last 10 under my plate,

then I walked out the door and everything felt the same,

don't look to a diner for change.

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