Losing Sanity

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Its well you can sort of guess by the title... Im very obvious with titles so i dont usually add a summary... ~enjoy~

Submitted: July 14, 2011

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Submitted: July 14, 2011



I lay soundlessly in the dark corner of my room, waiting. A small creak of light shone against the wall beside me. I stared at the door which allowed the little bit of hope in my room. Everything in my room was covered in darkness except the rectangular piece of brightness from the door to the wall. I yearned for sunlight as I stared at it. I feared it as a child would fear the monster under the bed. I closed my eyes and imagined the light, the light I was once surrounded by, the light that once filled me. But it had left me. Now shadows overflowed me. I could no longer feel the emotions that light had once brought. No warmth, no happiness, no hope. All I could sense now since the darkness came was sorrow, misery, and malice.

I turned my head to the door as it slowly opened. A woman stood in the doorway, staring intently at me. She looked sad. I knew her face but I couldn’t put a name with it. Tears started flowing smoothly down her face. She had simple brown hair tied in a ponytail and hazel brown eyes. She looked at me with shameful eyes as if the sight of me brought her pain. The woman started yelling at me but I could no longer understand the words that came from her mouth. The only thing that I could focus on right now was the fact that the light from the doorway was burning me. I wasn’t really being burned but I yelped in pain and flinched away into what little shade, I had in my room. The woman tried to touch me but I was determined that she was only here to hurt me. I scratched at her hand when she almost came into contact with me. I slithered into the corner behind the door. I hissed when she tried to embrace me with her arms.

When she finally left, closing the door and blocking all light in my room, I grabbed a skipping rope I owned before the light left me. I tried tying the rope, fumbling with the cord. When I finally made a firm knot, I kept trying to make the rope stay dangling in the air. After several attempts, it hung from the arch above me. I grabbed the other end of the cord without the knot and attached it to the wooden frame of my bed. I didn’t have much time left. I gripped my chair to put it right below the knot. I locked the door so the people coming up the stairs couldn’t come in to see what all the commotion I made was about. They started knocking on the door. They started yelling in a language I refused to understand. I ignored them as best as I could, focusing on ending my pain, my torture of living in this place where light burned me.

I climbed slowly onto the chair, step by step, inch by inch; I made my way to the top of the seat. I lifted my arms to grasp the knot. I stared at it for a few seconds before I put the rope around my neck, my hands trembling the whole time. I had wanted this for a long time but never thought I was strong enough to really succeed. When the door had burst open and the people who wanted to keep me in this world, to bind me to it, had come into the room, it was already too late. I had already jumped off the chair, the rope still clutching my neck, and the next thing I knew, I was free.

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