Blink of Truth

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The poem is all about how the vision of our lives keeping hanging between clarity and obscurity.

Submitted: July 27, 2013

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Submitted: July 27, 2013



A blink of truth:

Once in a while u think,

as u look deep into the lies

soak in the laughter and lament the cries

only to forget and blink.


Such glimpses of truth,

are not easy to come by,

for they hide in those petty lies

in life's hazy dust,clouds and misty skies.


The skies of lives obscure

that vision to think

of reality,of the truth

of the raw facts,it dwells in.


Dreams fade in as the white

clouds in the blue sky,

Through the shore of life's bay

the tides of time do swing by.


Yet through those times

 good and bad,we sail

in those testing trecherous waves

beneath their might,we fail.


Only to rise and fall and fall again

 just as the waves,

put to play in the sea of life,

we tumble upon lies for days.


Until in a moment we blink

to see the sea to be nowhere

an expanse of clarity is all thats  to our life

and all that struggle seems so futile.


Yet that just happens once in a while

then the waves rush to pull us back

to fill the void with the waters of life

 to immerse us in its treacherous tides.

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