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19 year old macy was walking out in the gorcery store when she was abducted.Luckily she escaped if they thought she was not gonna do anything there dead wrong.Now she will stalk them and kill them one by one making life a living hell every second they breath.

Submitted: July 31, 2010

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Submitted: July 31, 2010



Okay  mustard,ketchup,hot dog buns,coke,sprite,pepsi,hotdogs,chips, macy quitly said to herself to remind her what she was getting.She grabbed the hotdogs and chips finishing what was on the list for this weeks camping trip with her bestfriend melony and her boyfriend ryan.She stepped in line as the cashier said your total is $12.17 macy pulled out her purse paying as she took the bags walking out into the windy cloudy parking lot she looked around  pushing back her brown hair which got in her face. she opened the car door setting her bags in as she felt metal slide down her shoulder she saw that it was a big hunting knife.Dont make a sound said the man grabbing her as she screamed  kicking and screaming as he lifted her up dragging her into a white van.HELP! macy screamed with all her mite the man slammed her in the car as he closed the back driving off parking the car in the park by the store she knows where this park is because right across the street and down that road is her home.Please dont hurt me she whimperd as the man laughed his face hard to make out cause it is dark im not gonna hurt you lady.Let me go please! please! please! he got back with her  grabbing her legs yanking her till she fell flat  as he started to unbutton her pants.NO! NO! DONT! she whimperd  and struggled as she tried struggling as he punched her so hard everything got dizzy as she passed out.When she awoke  she was handcuffed to a bed as her abducter walked in.What did u do to me she said nothing yet i wanted you wide awake on my bed for the fun! fuck you macy yelled.As the abducter walked over slapping her across the face AHHH!!!! hollard macy as the man started pulling down her pants her pants where already still unbuttoned as her panies where now showing.Dont please DONT!!! he  grabbed duct tape covering her mouth as all she could do was make whimpering sounds nothing would stop him  as she felt him pull off her panies a loud whimper came out.He tore her shirt yanking her bra off .As he unbuckled his pants and pulling them down  and then his boxers and then his shirt as he got untop of her and started raping her.She whimperd and sobbed thinking god why me! why is he raping me! what did i do! why cant he just stop! she sobbed harder.As he kissed her while doing it she tried to avoid him kissing her as he raped her for what macy felt like hours for only 20 mins or so.As he finished he tore the duct tape off her mouth my brothers will come in in a little and have some fun too!! hee hee oh god im there little sex toy! macy thought as a older man stormed in uncuffing her flipping her as she knew she shouldint fight for 1.he is much stronger 2.she was to exhusted as he started raping her but knocked her out as when she woke up she was alone.She was uncuffed she sobbed putting her panies on and her bra on as she heard them talk therw the door yeah lets kill her jacob you abducted her you can kill her! are you sure you dont want to jeff? nahh what about you kyle nahh i rather have you do it but make sure she screams she was barley awake when i did my stuff but i wanted her to scream!! they all laughed.Macy blocked the door as the started pounding at it as she lifted open the window leaping out hitting the ground hard she started crawling as she crawled therw the woods  pulling herself up with a tree as she saw walked weak,  exhusted, sad, tired, furious, as she saw after 2 miles of walking a tent and campfire it was melony and ryan as she limped over to them she was pale rather being tan then she usely was she had cuts and bruises her  green eyes looked dead as she fell .OH MY GOD MACY!! melony said running over to her ryan! she hollard as macy blacked out waking up in the hospital  she leaned up w-w-w-was i r-r-r-raped her voice cracked or was it a dream p-p-please tell me it was a dream melony.Melony sobbed hugging her as macy stared hugging her thinking how her bitter mom didnt even come to see her or her alcholic father she is probley out having another afair while he is getting drunk as a few days later she got out going to her apartment she lied on her couch for days nothing to think of except her being raped by 3 men the fact that jail time is not enough for them. she clenched her hands getting on google the earth looking at the campsite where melony and ryan where at she saw a house 2 miles away from  there as she printed out the adress 66 saint street.As she ran to walmart grabbing brunet hair dye and black leather gloves as she bought that stuff driving for hours as she parked her car on the camp site and walked for 2 miles as she saw a german sheperd her puppy she whistled as it barked following her into the barn as she shut the barn door.Kyle heard a dog yelp as he ran outside and looked to see the barn light on as he ran into the barn shutting the door as the dog dropped on him ahhh!!!! he shouted as he saw that it was gutted as the barn door shut.Hello kyle he looked to see that it was some girl with brunet hair as she was holding axe as she swong it at his leg as he howled in pain.Grabbing his leg  as she grabbed rope tying his hands rember im the girl you raped you stupid cunt whore i enjoyed every second of shoving my big dick in your mouth and in your ass haha!! wow you have such a dirty mouth.She unbuckled his pants pulling down his pants and boxers.Do you mean big for a big lie cause all i see is a 3 inch penis as she set down the axe finding hedge clippers grinning evily im just gonna clip some off at the top NO! NO! NO! AHHH!!! DONT!!! she stomped on him as she pressed it up against him and CLIP! he howled in horriable pain i guess it so small trimming a little off at the top is all hahahah!!!!!  as she  slowley pressed the hedge clippers in his eyes as they started bleeding as she shoved them in completly as she walked off into the house.Hmm wonder where my other two boys are as she walked in the kitchen grabbing a kitchen knife as she walked up stairs seeing jeff may i help you miss? its okay jeff  im here for you kyle said i would make a good surprize gift for you jeff grinned lifting her up take me she gently whisperd in his ear as he therw her on the bed kissing her everywhere on her breast and down her neck she was in disgust but acted like she liked it as she pulled out a  slitting his wrist as he screamed grabbing the other as she chopped off one of his hands as blood sqwirted everywhere as she chopped off the other.How bout a round of a plause huh she made his hands clap together  as she kicked him on the bed walking out shutting the door as she heard jacob as she heard him walk up the steps as she charged with all her mite knocking him out the window walking down the steps grabbing a shotgun they had hanging up.Thank god hillbillys keep guns aorund just to shwo them off as she saw it had ammo as she stepped out the front door as he charged at her but she hit him across the face with the gun as he fell coughing up blood go look in the shed i have a surprize what is it you stupid cunt! she kicked him in the face NO WAY TO TALK TO A LADY STUPID HILLBILLY MOTHERFUCKER!!! she kicked him in the face again as he got up and opend the shed screaming.Yeah i have your brother upstairs he is handless as she hit him with the gun grabbing more rope tying up his hands then his legs as she grabbed a knife rember you used this oen to abduct me yeah you stupid tiny tit bitch! she grabbed his toung slowley slicing therw it as he screamed as she yanked down his pants and boxers.Just to make sure you will never put these anywhere! she chopped off his balls and penis as he screamed in horriable pain as she pulled a lighter out of his pocket as she walked out of the barn grabbing 2 things of gas pouring the first one around the house and inside and on the porch making a trail to the barn dumping the rest of that one on the 2 guys and dogs as she pushed jacob next to the dead dog and his brother as she poured the seocnd thing of it all over the barn walking out tossing the lighter in the house starting a fire as she girnned walking to her car and driving off still having the kitchen knife she snuk into her parents house her father passed out durnk as she grabbed his head.Thanks for visting me in the hospital when i was raped! she said slitting his neck ear to ear as blood sqwirted everywhere as she heard music in the  garage as she stepped in to see her mother naked with a man but her mother or the man didnt notice as she saw a gun in the mans car as she opend the car door taking it stepping in the garage shooting the man right between the eyes as she beat her mother with the gun.Why didnt you vist me you stupid slut! she said pistol whipping her I WAS RAPED! she yelled beating her im sorry sobbed her mother i didnt know! she said her eyes closed tightly okay then mother i dotn belive you but i killed daddy slit his neck ear to ear nice huh she sobbed harder WHY ARE YOU CRYING YOU DONT LOVE HIM OR ELES YOU WOULDINT OF BEEN FUCKING THAT GUY HUH!!! HUH! HUH! anyways i want you to close you eyes and count to 15 when u open them i will be gone! she shut off the power box.Okay said macy okay whimperd her mother 15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, she  stood up and felt the gun against her head you forget 1 said macy as she shot her


macy stepped out of the garage as she heard police sirens she knew there was no escape as she stepped inside a wrote a letter:The fire at 66 saints was from me those 3 guys kyle.jeff,jacob,had raped me so i killed all 3 of them and my parents where no help so i kiled them too :D i dont want no one eles to get credits or assume my work why the fire might of happend cause i just told you why so make sure everyone knows it was me and revange >:D: she looked at the pistol it sitll had one bullet left as the police stormed in miss freeze and get on the ground and DROP YOUR WEAPON NOW!!!!! she put the gun up to her neck miss put the gun down or you will be shot!.........................................BOOM.....BOOOM.......BAMMM!!!......THE END

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