Nowhere Blvd.

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"Night" was a young girl that was taken by the government at the age of four. Her parents handed her over because she had powers. She trains everyday and is the top assassin ever, now she meets a little girl "Dawn". Together with "Rider" they create a plan to escape from the government to go to Athens where there is peace. Can they make it alive? Or will their plan backfire and get them killed?

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012





Mommy, Daddy look I can move things without touching them!” I squealed. I loved feeling everything float everywhere and feel unburdened. My parents eyes widened and they looked around nervously. “Show me” my mother said and I moved the chair and the table that was away from me. I turned and saw that my father was filming me. “That’s amazing.” They said and continued to work and I went to the woods in order to look for my dog Sylvia. As I walked I began to float rocks around me for a bit. I saw a little gray tail wagging and I knew that it was Sylvia. “Come on Syl.” I said and began to walk to the house. My parents had left me food and said that there was business to attend to so I ate, took a relaxing bath and went to sleep with Sylvia cuddling her small body with mine. As we slept I faintly heard horse steps and I ignored it as sleep invaded me. A few minutes later I heard a loud bang of breaking my door open and I woke up to see soldiers walk in. Sylvia woke up and scurried to my side, “GET UP NOW!” the soldier yelled. He grabbed me when I wouldn’t get up on my own, “NO USING YOUR POWERS!” he yelled as he grabbed my hair and began to drag me outside. “MOMMY! DADDY!” I screamed as I saw a tattoo gun nearing my hand. They looked away ignoring my screams and pleads as the tattoo began to be engraving number and letters. The soldiers grabbed me and chained me as I was dragged away from my house my ‘parents’ and my only friend Sylvia.

I woke up to a start in the middle of the night, my body covered in sweat. I looked at my surroundings, the same one window on the side and the white colored walls holding me captive. My hand began to pulse and saw my arm with the tattoo that said ‘T42MRW56’. “WAKE UP ALREADY!” yelled that soldier that had captured me. I walked to the door and stood tall looking at him, “What do you want Christopher Morabito?” I asked and he growled at me raising a hand. “Hit me, I dare you. I don’t think that the King and Queen would appreciate the assassin to have any injuries of sorts.” I said and grinned as he took a step back. His two helpers arrived Alexandra Agostino and Sarah Mansour. “FEED HER!” he yelled as they both shoved food into the slot. I took a step back and the food fell. “I won’t eat” I said and waited for the door to open. As the door opened I was pulled out and chained as they pulled me forcefully.

“T42MRW56 has arrived” they said as they unchained me and pushed me forward to the rest of my companions. “Hey Rider.” I said as I saw the eldest sitting there with a smirk. “No food?” “Like hell I’ll eat that crap they feed me.” I explained and sat down as Rider slipped slices of apple and water for me. I took it gratefully and began to shove it down my throat. “Better start eating Night” he said and I rolled my eyes affectionately. They nicknamed me Night because I came here the dead of night. “Come on, time for your training.” The official said as he opened separate rooms and we all went to the door with the blinking lights that had our codes. We put our arm near the scanner in order to go in. The door quickly shut as soon as we entered. “T42MRW56, we start your training, now!” said Dean, the man that had been training me since I arrived here. I felt the balls come toward me and I focused on deflecting them with my powers. Fire began to spin around the room and the air around me turned into water as I continued to go through the routines. Suddenly the red light of emergency started and I lost concentration letting a fire ball hit my arm and I cringed. “SHIT!” I heard Dean yell and my training stopped. I got out and Rider was by my side, “Night baby, you have to let me see the injury, you know that healing yourself will take three days.” I nodded and let him touch the burned flesh and he worked his magic on me as I tried not to scream in pain. 



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