Joe McElderry- Yes i know he is gay !

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Why i love Joe McELDERRY even though people always ask why and tell me he is gay.I KNOW HE IS GAY !

I made this poem in 2009 because i was sick of people telling me not to like Joe because of his sexuality !


I’m going to see Joe Mcelderry in June,

hopefully it will be soon.


I absolutely love him,

although people say he’s a bit dim.


He's the one person I most admire,

he’s as hot as very hot fire.


If people say “err he’s gay”,

stop that ! That’s biost!” I say.


I love his hair,

its so fair.

I love his eyes,

and how he never tells lies,

I love his voice,

but apparently it makes people hoik.


I like every thing about him,

although people don’t like him.


He’s gay, He’s gay” people say

so what if he's gay” I say


He’s ugly ,He’s ugly people say,

No he’s not. He’s gawjuss I say.


He’s horrible , he’s horrible people cry,

No he’s not I reply


but these people can think what they like to think,

because I don’t think so,

I love Joe !

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Kayleigh Manning


Thu, November 17th, 2011 8:02pm

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