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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A contracted killer and his experiences through life.

Submitted: October 22, 2009

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Submitted: October 22, 2009



I feel nothing anymore; any emotion my body once carried has walked away into some misty field, never to be seen again. I’m not sure at what time my emotions decided to vanish from me, maybe they’d been slipping off of what conscious I had for some years. Maybe they slowly died away from the spreading disease that my mind now carries, nothingness. Or maybe the parasite had taken its last meal long ago, and the host has really been gone for quite some time. My emotions had never done me any good at any time so I suppose that if I could feel, I shouldn’t be sad, but happy. Maybe the last of any emotion had been stripped from me the day that I buried my two kids, Isabel and Abram, as well as my wife Aileen.
Yes, that must have been the day. That was the day that I couldn’t cry, that was the day, the worst day I’ve experienced in my life.

“Darien, you are not to stay in one spot for more than a couple of months if you wish for your family and yourself to live”
I had been told this by the man that assigns my tasks. I remembered the advice but I never had taken it. Sorry dead family, my mistake. My arrogance had gotten the best of me, I let it plant its seed inside of my rotting core, and I watered the seed with my pride and ego. Not only did my arrogance blind me however, it also blinded my wife Aileen, who couldn’t have sensed anything was wrong because of my great shining light of shit that I had veiled her with. 

“There’s no need for us to move!” I had once angrily yelled at Aileen.
“What good will moving do for us if we will just get attacked a few months later, huh Aileen?”
I now see that it would have given them a few more months to live. 
Ultimately it was my fault that they were killed, I am the one with the dangerous job, I am the one that makes the money in this household, but what good will this putrid paper do me now, now that I am the one who has no family. 


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