Do you remember who you used to be?

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This is something i wrote a long time ago and i sorta just paraphrased it into a poem on here. i just wonder if she knows this.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



Do you remember what you did?

Do you remember who you were?

Do remember how cruel you were?

Will you ever respond?


We met on my birthday.

how silly.

it seems so long ago

how niave we were huh?


Lets start from the beggining

I want everyone to see

How silly this story is

And to tell me to get over it


Antietem battlefield was it?

A history class field trip

Both of us only had one friend going

What a pathetic way to meet a new friend huh?


Next stop was harper's ferry.

now thats trully how things got started

lets all 4 of us take a hike up the mountain

sounds like fun when its 90 degrees out


You and I were tired.

Our first real conversation

I offered to walk with you down the montain

You looked like u would pass out


"Adam will you carry me down the rest of the way?"

Of course i said yes

you were cute, you were tired,

and you would have begged if i said no


We got lost together.

Couldnt find our way back

But i didnt mind, nor did u

but would your boyfriend have minded if u told him?


Finally found our way back

The bus broke down

We didnt get home till late

But u were my favourtie birthday present


For a time we were in a spell of very young love

Too nervous to admit it

But all good things come to an end

And we lost contact for a few months


You changed... alot

You dressed darker.

Talked less

and showed more


I tried to pick up were we left off

You played along like u cared

But you wanted to know

How flexible is the human heart?


You played along

Agreed to go to a dance with me

But in the end

You sent a text message to break the news


That boy that all the girls talk about

He noticed the new you

He liked it

And stole you away


So for a time i beleived u didnt really change

but you did didnt you?

because when he dumped you

you played even more wickedly


Eventually you grew bored of breaking me

You ignored me

One day you apologized and asked to be friends

The next day you ignored me again


I see you everyday now

You are your old self now

I see you went back

with only one change


You still elude me

You smile

But you dont even say hello

You never even said goodbye


I dont want you to read this

I dont want pity or change

I want the world to tell me

To man up and get over this childish story.



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