I havent forgoten you

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This is too my girlfriend who died a few years ago

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Hey there beautiful

do you remember me

i remember you

i could never forget your face


whats it like?


is it as nice as everyone says?

ill see you there soon enough i hope.


how often do you watch over me?

when i lay in bed playing that song you liked,

are you there beside me?

smiling like you used too?


those memories make me happy

i wish you could still be here

did you tell my grandmother hello for me?

like you promised you would...


ive told so many the storie of what happened

but ive always left out a key detail

the reason why i trully blame myself

why i know it was my fault


it was a day like any other

you were walking to my house

you said because

i was too high to walk to yours


you just wanted me to be safe

but i was paranoid

i told you id meet you halfway



i found you laying in the street

the bastard hit you and kept driving

you were crying...

because i could be there to see you off...


i could have taken you to the hospital

but you wouldnt let me

i shouldnt have listened to you

who cares if they caught me high?


i remember what you told me

made me promise to find another

and to love her as i did you

and you would tell my grandmother hello...


Ill never trully be at peace

with your untimely departing

instead ill just lay in bed

and play that song for you once more

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