My Best Friend

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This is about someone very close to me. Im not very good at writings, and its really really long. But i promised myself id do this much for her to read someday and feel special. thats all i want for her.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



My Best Friend

When we met I must have looked silly

I really couldnt look away

I tried to hide it, how'd i do?

I just pretended to be shy.

Each time I stole a glance

I could feel a spark

But I couldn't decide

Was it love or another crush?

As weeks became months

I tried to get closer

I asked for a dance

Instead i gained a new best friend.

Time past by

I learned more of your twisted past

I explained more about my own over time

Did you trust me?

That day you told me what happened

What he stole from you

I wanted his blood

But you pleaded for my innocence.

Why did i tourture myself?

Why didn't dump her and take you?

I kissed you once, she kissed me 1000 times

But your's was so much sweeter.

Next came the summer of hell

3 months without your warm smile

I went back to my own hell hole

looking for a reason to smile.

Back to school, but it wasnt a bad thing

seeing you again was a drug

but again i was a fool

I kept a hold of her hand and not yours

One day i found the courage

and i was free from her at last

but you told me you weren't ready

asked me to wait, how could i say no to you?

We always walked together

wondering who would move first

we both knew we loved one another

but we feared for the worst.

One night I had a childish idea

but it worked

"heres my hoddie but now my hands are cold"

and you said "ill keep them warm"

Since that night we have been together

We grow closer everytime we're together

Ive never felt like this before

and ive felt alot over the years...

Lets try this dance over again,

take my hand

what a happy night

stored in my heart forever

2 months, should we have waited longer?

no, we had the perfect chance

but as your shirt came off i wondered

what if she isnt ready for this?

That night was the best ive ever felt

and everytime i close my eyes i see you again

i wonder what the future has in store

for our teenage rommance.

I think back to when we met

it seems so long ago

i have so many questions

some answered, some not

Who knew we'd become best friends?

Who knew we'd fall in love?

Who knew i'd wake up beside you that morning?

What lies ahead for us?

I can wait for the answers

theres no rush

so ill take it slow because

I love my best friend.

This is for you Lindsay I Iove you 10-21-11 <3

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