Achieving World Peace

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A short essay about world peace and how to get there.

Submitted: July 02, 2012

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Submitted: July 02, 2012



  Well now, this is the big one that everyone over the age of 5 seems to have an opinion on.  Is it possible for humanity to achieve world peace, and if so, how?  I believe most people think that, in the future, a lasting world peace is a real possibility.  I too believe it to be within the realm of possibilities.....however, the path will bring us to the edge of the abyss and many will disappear therein. 

  To understand the way world peace can become a reality you must first see that which has in the past, and is in the present, keeping us fighting and killing each other.  Many great minds have pondered this question throughout the ages and while times have changed the base reason for conflict has not.  When tasked to give their reasons for our being unable to live in peace for any length of time these philosophers, theologians, and statesmen were able to boil it all down to the one reason.....the inability to control our population growth.

  All of our collective problems, no matter the size, severity, or duration can be traced back to this one over-arching, all encompassing lack of control.  It's like that game where by you can associate any actor to Kevin Bacon through a series of shared associations.  You see, of all the species inhabiting this planet ours is the only one, excluding our domestication and genetic experimentation of plants and animals, from which natural selection has been removed.  It would seem the culprit in this ever turning soap opera of impending doom is our intelligence!  We have achieved a state of awareness that allows us to overcome natures process for keeping our gene pool clean and healthy.  In lieu of the natural selection process we have the far less efficient, but much more "cuddly", emotion over logic process. This process speaks to our nurturing sense and away from our natural sense when it comes to keeping the gene pool clean.  In short; we think everyone has the right to live and matter the consequences.  Idyllic in premise, disastrous in practice.  You see, nature is not cruel, it is doing what is best for all species cohabiting the planet.  Considering that nature has been successfully balancing the (ugh I hate using the "e" word) evolution and extinction of species, including ours, for much longer than we have been intelligent......I'm going to defer to nature.  The nature that causes trees to catch fire sometimes not the kind that causes them to get hugged!  Just wanted to clarify that.

  So, by now some of you may be upset with my seeming lack of caring for our less fortunate (genetically speaking) brethren, but the truth is I am actually far more caring than you know.  Yes, we have made great strides in modern medicine which have helped us in our struggles against genetic disorders, and yes we have learned much about ourselves in the process.  In the end this will not save us, and here is why.  We are losing the race between technological advancement to sustainability of the species and the depletion of the planets resources.  We simply are out pacing the planets ability to sustain us.  If we do not get our population growth under control we will ALL perish!  I do not want to see this come to pass.  That is how I care about humanity. 

  Our population has more than doubled in the last 50 years and it will double again in the next 25 years if the growth continues as it has.  I do not believe the planet can bear 15 billion human beings regardless of our advancements in technology.  Our resources are finite, and the chances we will be able to get to another earth-like planet in the next 100 years is unlikely.  Our only shot at being around to celebrate the year 2100 is to curb our growth voluntarily, and by that I mean involuntarily.  If we do not take the extreme measures necessary to reduce the population to a number the planets resources can sustain, the planet will do it for us.  Extinction has happened before, it can happen again.  Even to a species that has our level of intelligence.  To believe otherwise is to invite disaster into our world.  Nature reminds us, from time to time, who is boss here.

  Okay then.....let's review.  All problems are really one problem....over population.  The solution.....control the population growth of our species.  There you have it, and, oh yeah world peace.....well, all wars have been fought for economic reasons.  Even the so-called religious ones.  Fewer people equals enough of everything for everyone so no one need go without.  Solve this one problem and all the rest is just details.  We have the technology to prevent anyone from procreating without permission.  How procreation will be handled in the future is for those who will live there to decide, but for now we need to get moving in the right direction.  Without this commitment world peace and the future of humanity is not a certainty, something to think about for those who will live on after us.  Our Grand Children's Grand Children may never see a sun rise.....and that would truly be OUR sad legacy.

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