How to learn a language effectively.

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In this short article my focus will be on the steps to follow in order to learn a language effectively.

Submitted: October 22, 2009

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Submitted: October 22, 2009



  Language learning is inevitably an ongoing process that seems to take place from the learner's early stages of approaching the language and understanding its rudimental linguistic and grammatical features up to a certain advanced stage when the learner is likely to have attained a significant learning degree that in some cases applies with native-like proficiency. However, this is not always the case for many learners who may not find it an easy task to attain proficiency as this latter depends on a certain set of learning methods that one should abide by in order to improve the effectiveness of the language learning process.

At an early learning stage, the learner should rely mostly on listening as it represents the input which is substantial for the learner to get exposed to in order to have an overall idea about how a language functions and how people use it in a naturalistic setting.
A step forward consists in getting into the habit of reading as it is a crucial part of the learning process. In fact, it serves to increase and diversifies one's vocabulary through learning common generic words, synonyms, idiomatic expressions, and proper grammatical forms which would significantly help to improve one's immediate comprehension of the language overtime either when speaking or writing.

The third skill to come after the basics of listening and reading are established is writing. For me, writing is the most effective way to master any language so far. Indeed, the learner may find it extremely difficult at the beginning to write since he is not yet familiar with the language. However, this problem gets gradually diminished when the learner begins to get a certain control over his writings through making fewer mistakes, and conveying an idea easily and in correct English.

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