Only Him

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

She used to say that they're only friends...She has always love him, as a friend. But, does he feel the same?


Title: Only Him embaressed_smile.giforiginally written by amira (5 Pure Science)


“So Charlotte…ready to answer my question?” Mrs Yoon asked loudly. What was this all about? I asked myself as I forced my hazel brown eyes to open themselves.


“Charlotte?” the same voice sounded again. I took a short glance at Charlotte, my blond- haired girlfriend. Oh gosh, she was fast asleep!


“Psst!” I nudged Sam, who was sitting steadily beside me.


“Wake her up, idiot!” I whispered loudly, at the same time trying to keep my voice low. It was too late though. As Sam made a frail attempt to reach out his lengthy arms to shake Charlotte, Mrs Yoon had marched all the way to our triplet- connected tables and let out a long yell. It was so high- pitched; I believe she shook all the sleeping hedgehogs in the metal cages behind our class back to life.


Charlotte woke up with a genuine shock. Oh, how hideous her face looked! Her blond- dyed hair was messy and streaming out of place. Her cheeks and ears were puffing red, as red as the strawberries I picked in my late grandfather’s farm in Kundasang, last year. Her lips were deadly white, as if she had caught a glimpse of a couple of Casper behind Mrs Yoon. She ought to at least put a thin coat of the pink lip balm I gave her last night, I couldn’t help thinking. Not to mention the dripping drool from her gaping open- mouthed. She looked like a dying fish gasping for air!


I guessed I was less tired than her, although we both stayed up late last night to finish a Biology assignment due today. A shrill of laughter rung throughout the class. Not bad for trying to liven up the dull class Mrs Yoon led.


In spite of all those 5 minutes hilarious moment, I didn’t even snicker. Instead, I stole a look at Simon Chung who subtly giggled his way through. Mind you, Simon was the most girlish boy I’ve ever came across. He walked like a little girl, he talked like one and he even laughed like one.Even I can scream louder than him.


But it was not Simon who caught my attention. It was really Matt Curtis, a dark- haired guy sitting right next to him. Matt, with his perfect figure and handsome look, dared to take my heartbeat away for as long as 5 seconds. Seriously, I could drool all day and night to just have a thought of him, even forgetting to take my breakfast, lunch and dinner altogether.


Last night, he crept into my night dream, in a black tuxedo and carried silver crown to crown me as his wife, while I was standing in front of the priest, in a silver dress which gleamed under the yellow moon shining brightly on top of us.


Sadly, he never notices me. I guessed I’m just pretty petite then. He laughed his head off at Charlotte. As for Simon, I caught him red- handed as he took a pink handkerchief from his bulging pockets before he hurriedly slipped it in again.


“Everyone knew you are a girly boy anyway” I voiced my thought loud enough for Sam to hear. I’m unaware that he stared hard at me, his eyes fixed on me like a tight screw.


“What?” he asked me.


“Nothing” I shrugged. I turned to look at Mrs Yoon. She headed back in front of the class, took a bold red marker pen from the dusty table, unscrewed the cap and began writing long sentences on the white board.

* * *

“Anetha, Sam is here!” my mother yelled out.


“Coming!” I frantically grabbed my black and white stripped T- shirt and slipped it down on my well- curved body. Then, I put a dab of mascara, applied a coat of lipstick on my lips. I squinted at my image on the mirror. Needless to say, I looked like a zebra in that T- shirt. Finally, I hurried downstairs.


“What took you so long?” Sam gurgled. He had sat himself down comfortably and took a long sip from a glass of mango juice my mother had prepared him. He was obviously enjoying the threat. I pulled his hands and urged him to the car before he could start on the chocolate chip cookies next.


We drove past through rows of shops and restaurants, heading towards the mall on the east of Singapore. As soon as Sam parked his car in the parking lot, we burst right into the mall. The mall was full of people, ranging from adults and kids. I was not surprised. It was the peak of the year- end sale in Singapore. I ran all the way to my favourite clothes store, pulled Sam along and started on my shopping routine. Sam just stared at me with bulging eyes.

“You looked like a freak” I muttered under my breath while my hands were working their way to find a suitable and ideal dress for the prom tonight. He just grinned his toothy smile.

“What was up with you today?” he spoke out after a few silent moments.

“Today? What do you mean? I’m as fit as a fiddlestick.” I showed my thin arms and wiggled my long fingers at him.

“In class…this morning.” he shot an intriguing look at me. I glanced around uneasily.


“It was Matt again, wasn’t it?” he asked. The truth was, except for Charlotte, he was the only person to know about my crush since I was back in grade 8. Charlotte…I wished she was here to save me from this type of conversation. She can’t come with us since she got a drama class at school. He let out a groan of disgust.


“How could you fell for such a dumb guy? He barely looks at you!” he smirked at my stupidity. I stood still as a statue, pretending not to mind or care the slightest bit. I know he was just upset at me. I mean, what kind of person would stare dreamily out of the window while her friend was honking madly from his car at her from below? Strangely, that was exactly what had happened not long ago.


Nobody talk for at least 10 minutes. I was busy with my shopping stuff and he just rummaged through a bundle of ties. Funny, I never knew he like ties. At suitable intervals, I checked on him, wondering whether he was still mad at me or not. I knew he had a mutual dislike for Matt since we were in Grade 10. They had a terrible fight in the field during the football tryouts that particular year and ended up with a red bruise on his left cheek and a black eye the next day. I can even trace the bruise till today.

“You still want to ask him out tonight?” he asked, his eyes were locked on the ties he rummaged through just now.


“What if…he refused?” he trailed his voice slowly.

“I…may not be going then…”

“Would…would you like to go out with me?” he stammered through his words. I looked at him suspiciously.


I tried to find the right word. Seriously, was my best friend asking me out?


“You’re…asking me out…like…like on a date?” I gulped as I stared at him, hard.


He nodded. He too, was staring right me. Our eyes met for a few seconds. Strange as it seemed, I felt a new type of feeling budding inside me. All of a sudden, he took out a bunch of red roses out of the big bundle of the coloured ties he recently touched.


I grasped the beautiful flowers. I could smell the sweet scent of each of the flowers extracted.


“I’ll be much obliged if you would say yes.” he seemed steady now. All the while, his eyes beamed at me in a strange glow of light. Wow! He got a pair of hazel brown eyes too…just like me. I have never realized how handsome he was…before. I do now.


Before I could protest, he came near me and let his lips touched mine. His hot breath felt warm against my red cheeks. As he pulled away from me, I saw that his lips were already stained with a little bit of pink lip gloss. A peck of kiss, that was all. But I knew it meant more than just a kiss.


* * *

That night, he arrived at my house. He wore a black tuxedo and I wore a silver dress that I had bought the same day, gleaming brightly under the streets lamps. He brought a silver crown along with him and fitted it on my head. He arranged it perfectly on my head, twiddling with my pure black hair playfully as well. My dream came true at last. And to this day, I cannot believe it ever happened to me.


(This short story was extracted from my own English essay. *amira* wink_smile.gif)

Submitted: September 05, 2008

© Copyright 2020 amira. All rights reserved.

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wow, that was great, well done amira!

Mon, September 8th, 2008 11:36pm


thanx a lot for the comment! i'll improve by writing more!!!

Sat, September 13th, 2008 8:24pm

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