Unexpected Night Visitor

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A short story which tells the shocking story of a working woman who find herself trapped in the same bed with a stranger.

Submitted: August 31, 2008

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Submitted: August 31, 2008



Title: Unexpected Night Visitor by amira (5 Pure Science)
Two-thirty three p.m. Is his plane delayed again? I thought miserably. I’ve been waiting about an hour already! I tried calling his handset but he turned it off. Duh! He must be on the plane, of course! I reassured myself and told myself to relax. I reached into my jeans pocket and took out the car keys. I can wait no more; I have to get back to the office. I glanced one more time at the arrival gate and walked away.
* * *
As I inserted the key into the lock, I couldn’t help worrying myself. I opened the front door. It felt heavier than usual. I slumped onto the couch, letting out a deep sigh. He would never be this late. I mean, how many times an airplane can be delayed? Not 10 times, I hoped.
I woke up in a jolt. I sat upright, still in a deep shock. No, no that couldn’t have happened. I…I saw James…he called me and…and he seemed so far away. I couldn’t reach him. Was he…in an acc…THUD! THUD! Somebody at the front door. I ran towards the front door. James! James! Please, may it be James! My heart was pounding faster and faster every second. I opened the door. No one. There was no one there.
“Hello?” I shouted, though I’m not sure if I did. I couldn’t see anything. It was as black as Newgate’s knocker out there. I jerked my head backwards and reached my index finger and switched on the light. CLICK! Suddenly,
“Aaahhh!” I screamed. James was there, standing right in front of me. Right in front of my nose, to be exact.
“James!” I exclaimed, relieved. I dashed to him and hug him tight. Between those moments, there was a voice inside my head told me to stand back. I was too happy to even realize it was there. As my hand touched his back, I felt the icy coldness of his body.
“James, you’re cold” I stared at him. He felt cold in my arms. He looked cold.
“You’re freezing. You need to warm up” I said as I pulled him inside. He said nothing as he followed my steps. I sat him down on one of the couches. He sat down as I went into the kitchen, eager to make some hot chocolate for him to sip on. He needed one. But, something strange was going on, surrounding my inner unconscious state with a strong sense of fear. Once again, I brushed it aside.
I poured hot water in the mug. Then, I stirred the thick mixture while pacing out of the kitchen into the living room.
“Here’s …”my voice trailed down. He was not there. No one was there. I put the hot mug on the table. Where is he? I wondered. Suddenly, I felt the hairs behind my back rose. I turned around and… I saw James, again.
“You…you shocked me.” I held my breath.
“Please don’t do that again.” I tried to pose a smile. I couldn’t understand him. In fact, I couldn’t understand a thing that was going on in here. Am I insane? I thought as I took the mug and shoved it to him. His cold hand received it and he held it in front of his face, as still as a rock statue.
“Well? I thought you love melted chocolate as much as I do.” I stammered through my words. WHAT WAS GOING ON IN HERE?!! His cold greenish yellow eyes stared at me coldly. Then, without a single word spoken, he sipped the melted chocolate. Wait, yellow? Green?
“You… you wear coloured contact lens? Since when?” I asked him. I thought he hatecontact lensesand…yellow. He said nothing. Seconds later, he put the mug down onto the glass table quietly and arose. He started making his way towards our bedroom. I followed him.
He stopped for a few seconds in front of our “Passion Room” as we used to call it and continued in. On the other hand, I just waited to see what he was up to. Is this some kind of a silent joke? He unbuttoned his shirt and went up on the bed. I smiled. I went in as well and closed the door behind me. So, this was it…kiss.gif
* * *

The next morning, I heard a knock rapping hard on the front door. I yawned and got up silently, not wanting to wake up my sleeping teddy. My eyes were still closed as I went to the door. I opened the door and…and… James was there standing and saying cheerfully “Hi honey, I’m home!”


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