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compare man with god

Submitted: February 27, 2012

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Submitted: February 27, 2012














Chalet and strut lantern frond stop swirl heavens

Hairo the musician and my biro skedaddle bud

Fountain and the treatise up dis’entient forage

Even wood rufus pigmie twinkle green spunk stand

Lecus magnet geometry bairn gum open brawn

Nestor cynical Scylla and Charybdis rosary thorn

And sling his hook the orange era omega glebe … .


































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Me and she the neuromancer bosom nelipot

Rib and pace multivious androgen sooth

Obliviscence nidicate ontolog cephalon eve

Oneirphobe 6th and stigma preterpluperfect 

Limicolous jejunator me fysigunkus irenolog

Limerance apidicolous maieuticoph’b sandapile -hederate.









Skewer and rosary me castration thee gay

Cephalalgic chichevache and me demonophobic

Glistering tune coffee sniff bawcock anadipsia

Festucine dis’entient jettatore apidicolous limicol

Omega limerance molysomophobe the latitudinarian 

Limb hoor microcosm dirge and rainbow messiah -theophany.



























































Oyez the copacetic anadipsia belgard dysphoria

Terra firma bull aqua vitae limb palladium grimoire

Cataract aurora borealis she scour unguam cheeck

Hypnophobic  jejunator  ichor me  shock  irenolog

Pagan chi microcosm psionics nelipot nychthemeron

Philonoist yggdrasil gaia me dinysiac scorpion the

Evocation nohor de ja vu order third and 7th stool

Schism the gamine ferdous you dejerate heptic sniggerElysium.









Illustration and symbolize linguistic English ;fantastic and alive in lip of generation and belief. And some many a times have unparallel expression and well acquainted, and enrichment.

Agnosto theo-Altar acts17:23, 1869

Angus dai- John 1:36 Latin

Anuttara-4th of Buddhist TANTRAs

Arhat –John 1:36, Latin

Bdag med-One of three characteristics in all conditioned phenomena in(tibetan) Buddha

Blo rigs-Epistemology with DGE  LUNGS  PA derived mainly works of DHARMAKIRTI

Borok- Mohammed vehicle to after life

Bsam yas – The first Buddhist monastery  in Tibet(with a mode), suffered a number of disasters including man made but intact

Carpe diem-Horace, odes1,11.8

Catharsis – Greek; one of stage , spiritual progress

Catheri –  That reacted against the corruption of society and church and were fought by CRUSADE and the INQUISITION from Greek as ancient manichees

Chastity-Paul 1cor.69

Ch’on dogyo –Neo-confucian moral discipline with roman catholic belief in GOD

Cloud-cuckoo-land – Mythical phrase

Crème da la crème-French idiom

Cynosure-The constellation Ursa Minor was called Kunosoura by astronomer Aratus, who saw in it one of the nymphs who raised the infant Zeus.

Dai-funshi –1st of three pillars of practice in ZAZEN in japanease RINZAI tradition

Dai -shi-RINZAI tradition of ZEN , elimination false notion of self that rebirth of satori

Demiurge –In GNOSTICS, a derogatory manner for an inferior deity who made the universe, distinguished from the supreme God

 Deism- Late 16th century in england, doctrine regarding  God

Deva-cakusus  -The ideal of NIK?YA BUDDHISM, person has extinguished all defilement and afflictions

Didaché-One of twelve APOSTLES, 1ST CENTURY CHRISTANITY, Greek

Dirge – Psalm 5:8

Dismas –Luke 23:39ff , Greek

Dmyal ba –One of the six destinies of being within cyclic existence according to traditional Buddhist cosmology

Doxau dogmas  – Greek idiom

Dus ma byas-Basic building block in ABHIDHARMA

Europe- Europa was the daughter of Agenor, king of Tyre in Phoenicia. Zeus, disguised as a white bull, enticed the girl to sit on his back and then rushed into the sea and made his way toward Greece. When they reached Crete, Zeus seduced Europa, who bore a son named Minos and gave her name to a foreign continent

Eplurisus unum  -Latin phrase

Fugy?-ni-gy? -ZAIN notion of acting spontaneously without prameditation

Gog and magog –QUR’AN 18:93

Gopsher wood –Genesis 6:14

Grimoire - A magickal workbook in occult myth, containing ritual information, formulae, magical properties of natural objects and preparation of ritual equipment

Gtong len –Generally undertaken in order to prepare the mind for attachment BODHI-CITTA

Hagia sofia-Greek idiom

Hedge wizard-  Folk magik

Hesychasm -  A mystical tradition of experiential prayer in the Orthodox Church. It is described in great detail in the Philokalia

His hiry? – The thought of D?GEN ZENJI

Hongaku-All being possess the ‘buddha-nature’ japanease

Icc han tika  – A class of being who have cut off all their “virtuous roots” and then.

In??rajt – Hindu God Indrajit

Ishin-denshin -ZEN  tradition

Jmjm – Jamjam Ismail heel thrust stew, islam

Kin-hin chip- After a sitting meditation-in ZEN

kumb’corn – Kumbhakarna, brother of  Rakkaosh in hindu


Magnum opus-Latin idiom

Malady medic marid- Reflex

Ma rig pa –Tibetan avidya

Mi slob pa’ilam –?r?vaka-buddha

Mtshan ma med pa – An epithet of NIRV?NA

Nestor- Greekoldest bravest and wisest king at Troy, lived to see three generations of heroes

Never-never land- Mythical land

 Nidubarüsheckchi –One of the most important BODHISATTVAS in MAH?Y?NA

Nohor – Qur-an 59:12

Opus dei-Latin idiom (holiness and that ordinary  life is a path of sanctity)

Paean-  An epithet of the god Apollo

Pan Chen- The influential reincarnate lama of the DGE LUNGS PA believed to be physical manifestation of AMIT?BHA

Pandora  - Pandora was the first woman, given to men as punishment for Prometheus' theft of fire. Sent with her was a Crate, which, when opened, released all the ills that now plague human beings.

Pantheon – Different religion god and goddess

Phoenix –Greek mythical bird

Potter’s field-Matthew 27:7

Praemonitus praemune-Latin proverb

Quid pro quo - Latin phrase

Regina coeli- Opening words of an Easter anthem  to the virgin mary  at 12th century

Rhadamantus - Rhadmanthus, along with Minos and Aeacus, is one of the judges strick in the Underworld

Rang stong-Indian MADHYAMAKA tradition radical denial any substantial essence does not imply anything in its place

Say?daw-Burmese , for abbot of a monastery

Schism –First over the FILIOQUE clause in the CREED

Scylla and Charybdis – Scylla was once a beautiful maiden, who was transformed into a hideous creature, with the heads of yapping dogs protruding from her midriff. Charybdis was a terrible whirlpool. Both these dangers were said to lurk in the Strait of Messina between Southern Italy and Sicily, a terror to sailors who endeavored to navigate these waters. The phrase between Scylla and Charybdis is much like use between a rock and a hard place

Sionizion – Mythical imaginary place

Sisyphean – Sisyphean resident of Hades has tasked for revealing the secret of one of Zeus' love affairs.

Skyemcheed-The six abodes of perception in Tibet bodhi

Snag gusum-Doctrine,fundamental to the tantric system of SA SKYA PA( basis, path , result)

Sphinx - Terrorized Thebes before the arrival of Oedipus. She was a hybrid creature with the head of a woman, body of a lion, wings of an eagle, and the tail of a serpent. She punished those who failed to answer her riddle with strangulation

??nyat? –In MAH?Y?NA this concept predicted of all DHARMA

Swithin-winchester bishop’s wishes in his buriedchuryard

Syzygy- Used by GNOSTICS for cosmic

Ta chung so – Church in Thailand with a motive

Tartarean - Refers to those infernal regions

Theophan? y –Greek, transfiguration of moses on sinai

Theosophy –Greek idiom applied to natural and PANTHEISTIC MYSTICISM in different religion.

Tyrannize– Greek mythology regarding power

Veni vidi vici – Ecclesiastical Latin

VICAR – The priest of a parish whose tithes belong to a religious house

Wen-ta – Dialogues between a CH’AN/ZEN

Yi dwags-One of the six possible destinies in cyclic existence Tibetan are born as pretas; greedy and spiteful in past lives will born with huse belly and tiny neck,constantly hungry but as to get food being appears to be distinguish substance as pus and blood.


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