A Letter to God

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This is the way I feel right now On Oct 27 it will be seven years since my Mother died. And I still have yet to deal with the pain it caused.

Submitted: August 21, 2014

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Submitted: August 21, 2014



Dear God,

I write this letter to you because I want you to know how I feel. When you took my mom I was so angry I was so hurt and felt so alone. I am angry God at you because I wondered why you took such a beautifull woman from her family. I sit here thinking how much she loved you and was constantly on her knees praying to you. I see her face in the bible and I wonder why you took her. And now after five years of being angry I come to realize something. 

I have come to relize even though I felt alone and lost you were always there. That through all the pain I have been going through that you stood by me and picked me up when I was at my weekest. God I now write this letter to ask you for your forgiveness and ask you to help me through the pain.

God Help me through the loss of my mother being the oldest I have had to take on more responsabilities than my sister realizes. I was left alone in my darkest hour but I know I wasnt. God please help me heal the rift that is between me and my sister. But I know God that it is not all my fault in ways I should not even have to apologize yet I do.

God I am here at your feet asking for help looking and searching for that wich is not hard to find. Yet for some reason it eludes me. Here I am God help me find my way back into your arms where my mother would want me to be.

And God I also realize that my mom is no longer in pain and that through your grace through your love you have set her free to dance with you in the heavens. So God I humbly come to you to ask you to show me your love, your compassion and your grace within my life.

Love Always


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