A night never to forget.

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Looking through the eyes of one who has died.

Submitted: August 27, 2014

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Submitted: August 27, 2014



"I don't understand " Said the woman to the man . The mans eyes just looked at her as she stood beside the bed she laid upon. "What is going on who are you " She would ask as he stood amoungst the shadowy night. He looked upon her with eyes full of love and held out his hand to her and showed her who he was.

There were holes upon his wrist as he looked up at her the woman stood there speachless. The Man turned to the bed and then looked at her . A sigh escaped the womans lips as she understand . It was her fault that she was this way her fault that she drove drunk. She looks at the Man knowing that as the Dr.s cover her pronoucing her dead she had to know.

"What happend to the others " She asked as she looked at him franticly. The man motioned her twords the other room where a Mother was crying over her son. Then to another room where a Husband and a little girl were crying over there Wife and Mother. She looked to the Man and shakes her head.

"I should not have been driving" She said to the Man. "I was in pain my husband left me my family was faling apart." She looked to the Man as He motioned her to the chapple of the hospital and pointed to the Man. The womans eyes grew wide as she saw her husband kneeling and praying tears streeming down his cheeks. She was stuned to see how the man kneeled. A woman walked up to him and kneeled beside him and started talking to him. Knowing it was a Paster she stood there in aww.

She looked at the man again tears forming in her eyes " He never was like this " She said as she stood there watching Him . The man turns to her  as she stands there " This is where things will chainge" He said. For the first time in her life she understood it took a tragetey a heart ake to  make a empty man pour himself out to God.

After seeing this the woman looked to the man and said " I am ready to go home Father" . The Man noded as she smile a light apeared as they stood there walking twords the Gates hand in and then the light stoped. It was her time her place and that is when God told her He is her strenkth.



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