Bikers do Matter.

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I help my dad in his biker ministry and this is something I wrote. These are my feelings and the way that I think God would want me to think about His Bikers.

Submitted: September 01, 2014

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Submitted: September 01, 2014



Not many people understand why I go to the Iron Horse Saloon. They don't understand that many there are my friends. Its a biker bar but its more than that its a family. You see I see so much potential in that bar. God is going to use it for his Glory. I have met many friends there and people who truly care. And I have also met some that are lost. God has put me in that place to help in my dads work. I dont ask for anything I dont seek anything out but friendship. But God has shown His mercy and love through thease people. 

When I needed help they were there for me. They truly understood who I was. I walk into the bar and if people dont know me others tell them Thats Woodys daughter. Its amazing how many people in that bar know my dad. And I am so proud of him.

I am seeing things through my dads eyes. I see that bikers are human most have familys and kids. There is a misconseption about bikers that they are mean. Well some have a temper and are. But most of the bikers in todays society are human have familys and have a job.

The things they show on TV are very exsageraited. They only show the bad parts of what Biker life is about. But being at this bar being a part of this place God has shown me that I can help my dad in his ministry and speak Gods word into bikers lives.

Some people may think that I am crazey a recovering alchoholic in a bar. But it dosnt faze me one bit. I tell my story and they know that I dont drink. They respect me for me and who I am. And they also show respect to my father who is a big part of the Bar and of the Biker scean.

I love my dad and am so proud of him and what He dose. No matter what it is I will stand beside him walking with him hand in hand with God. Here is something that I have come to think BIKERS  DO MATTER...

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