I Don't Know Why.

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I have expressed some feelings of my life...

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



I don’t know why, when I am alone all of my thoughts are, gathered at the corner of my heart. Sometimes they are appeared as talk by themselves, and want to express as my feelings. My heart always consent with them, but sometimes my logics are not.

I don’t know why at that moment I don’t get the voice of my heart. I just wait for the time When my logic and my heart are consent with each other.

I don’t know why still my heart behaves such like a child He does not want to follow any resistance. He believes that which or whom he loves, these or them will love him equally, but always it can’t be, and this little thing he can’t understand. He expects that one day something miracle will happen. Those words which he wants to say, someone can observe it without breaking his silence.

I don’t know why I’m also waiting with him, for this day when something miracle will happen according to my heart’s logic.

I don’t know why when the phone rings with some specific ring tone, I think may be that’s the day when my feelings will be understandable with it’s silence, but unfortunately it’s not. Sometimes it breaks and then I think that am I pursuing for a mirage? But that’s the time when my heart holds a capricious demand to do the same thing with him for the last time. And

I don’t know why I again play the same role with him.

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I Don't Know Why.

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