The Gospel According to Sam

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A novel meant for teens and young adults, The Gospel According to Sam touches on some issues every teen faces, some most teens don't, and many things in the gay community. Sam is a lesbian struggling in a primarily catholic town that doesn't quite except her. Her girlfriend is reliant on her in almost every way, and Sam needs Rose to live. She goes out of her way to make Rose happy until one day everything comes to a stand still and their lives will change forever. Rose is addicted to alcohol and maybe something more, as a result of her parents – or lack thereof, and Sam tries her best to help her. But will it be enough? It's a coming of age and a coming out story about two girls so in love that nothing else matters.
I'm not done just yet, but I hope you enjoy what I have!

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The Gospel According to Sam

Submitted: March 02, 2010

This is more of something that you would read in your late teen years to early adult. It is about two girls who are deeply in love, but who are strugling with some problems of their own.
Sam- The main character, has a love of punk rock, pretends to be strong but is slowly crumbling
Rose- Strugling with Alchohol problems and absent parents.
Jake- Sams best friend seems to find himself without anyone to love, and turns to Sam.
If I could write something that would be on the back of the book it'd be
Everyone has a story. Mine? Well lets just say, it’s a little more complicated than most. Let me break it down for you.
1) My mom hates me. I suppose deep deep deep down inside she kinda loves me, but I’m not so sure.
2) My dads a famous rock star. While it offers some benefits most of the time I just need my dad. I love him lots, but he’s not around to often, so I have to stay with my mom.
3) I’m a lesbian. Which I have no problem with, trust me, but everyone else seems to hate me for it where I live.
4) I live in a small town. I love small towns, but this one is super orthodox catholic ( note # 3)
5) I’m a straight edge punk. In my town they don’t only hate me for my sexy lesbian bod, but try adding on a blue Mohawk and punk rock bands to the mix, I’m sure you catch my drift.
6) My girlfriend. I love her with every fibre in my being, but she’s an alcoholic she’s killing herself and I know it. And who knows what else she’s doing while she’s drunk.
Enough for you? Well, just add my lack of coping skills and the rest of sucky teenage life.
As my life becomes more difficult to comprehend, the people in my life make less and less sense, and eventually, I think I wont understand at all.
Life sucks for the win.
Clearly in Sams perspective, and sorry, I just wung it.
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Submitted: March 07, 2010

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