Disaster GMO

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A possible future which explores a negative implication of GMOs. Perhaps extreme.

Submitted: May 22, 2015

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Submitted: May 22, 2015



Click(the sound of the start button on the voice recorder being pushed). Hello. I’m very sick, most likely on the brink of non-existence, but this story needs to be heard…

Thirty years ago, GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms) flooded our supermarkets, restaurants, and food supply making it near impossible for the average citizen to avoid their consumption. Meanwhile, research on their implications on human health was practically non-existent, and, therefore, the general public was the case study. This is what ensued.

?It all began when the US started allowing companies to patent GMO seeds. This lead to companies controlling the seed market and soon the entire agricultural world. They designed their seeds to be immune to certain pesticides, these, they would then also sell you, which, at first, was convenient for crop yields so most farmers bought into it. These companies could also design their seeds to do practically anything they wanted them to do which is where the issues arose. They designed them to be unable to produce any seeds for next years’ crops, forcing the farmers to purchase their seeds from them year after year.

?The main issue that arose was from pesticide immunity. Because of this immunity, farmers would use more pesticides to kill everything else off, but the next year, those other plants, insects, and bacteria would come back a little more resistant to the pesticides so the farmers would use even more. The vicious cycle continued for many years. As the insects and bacteria grew stronger and more resistant they would find their way onto other farms which weren’t growing GMO crops and they would kill their entire fields. They were just too strong which made iteffectively impossible to grow anything other than these pesticide-immune GMO crops. The incredibly strong new…

*Coughs heavily and takes a minute to compose himself*

As I was saying...let’s see, where was I…ah yes: This incredibly strong new bacteria was known as “superbacteria”.

?While this development of superbacteria was occurring, the general population was busy consuming most of their calories from GMO crops. They tasted the same so we happily went along in ignorance trusting that they weren’t negatively influencing our health. It was said in defense of GMOs that we were merely taking evolution into our own hands and these seeds could have occurred naturally over time. So they’re natural…right? Still not sure. The overall health of the nation was declining, but we attributed it to a stressful lifestyle, not enough exercise, eating too many calories, consuming too much fat, consuming too much salt, etc. People soon got scared because of this decline, so they would follow these guidelineswith little change. Doctors were stumped. Perhaps it was GMOs, but now the cultivation of non-GMO crops was impossible.

As our health started to really decline, people became fatter and fatter, but no one could figure out why. Strangely, we began excreting less and less as well. The average weight of all humans surpassed 400lbs and was still increasing. Over time, all excretion ceased, but we still couldn’t figure out why. We still had to eat to live, but nothing was coming out the other end. Even all the doctors were fat and sick which made it extremely difficult to conduct research on this dire problem. We needed a solution, but weren’t making much progess.

The headline of the newspaper on June 11th, 2037 read “Doctors discover superbacteria in human intestinal tract!”. They found it. The problem we had all so desired, but did they have a solution? No. They found superbacteria in one hundred percent of subjects and discovered this to the culprit of all of our issues. Residual superbacteria within our food had gradually made our intestinal tract its new home. It thrived inside of us because we constantly fed it. It blocked up our intestines and fed on everything we gave it. The rest of our food went directly to fat storage.

Even with this revelation, nothing changed. There was no cure yet. This superbacteria proved to be immune to everything we’d throw at it. It even survived the ingestion of arsenic, but the host body wasn’t so lucky. Suffice it to say that many people died in the experimentation trials, but we were still lacking a cure. It was more powerful…than us.

A few months later, with no cure in sight, the first explosion occurred. Once the superbacteria is thriving in your intestinal tract it starts to make its way upward towards the stomach. The closer it gets the more discomfort you experience. Right now, I’m experiencing a previously unimaginable amount of pain, but I’m sure you can hear that in the agony in my voice. Some have died from the pain alone. Once the superbacteria hits the stomach it’s over. When it hits the hydrochloric acid of the stomach, the reaction is explosive. Very explosive. You can hear it from nearly a mile away and creates a cloud of gas that, when inhaled, it expedites this process. 

Oprah was one of the first celebrities to explode. On live television actually. Midway through her newest weight-loss segment. Like the rest of us, she looked more obese than ever, but while claiming that she had just lost 50lbs on this new supplement called bacteriaburn; BOOM! She exploded, gassing her entire audience. All of whom exploded the next day. She was still trying the make money until the very second she died. Greed. The idiocracy that killed us all. I couldn’t help but to laugh while watching this looped on youtube. The irony of it all. The Oprah network still made millions off that supplement.

Daily explosions started to mount into the hundreds of thousands. You could hear them all around you and of in the distance all throughout the day. Daily suicides weren’t far behind. The president exploded last week. And so did the grumpy old man across the street who had that damn rooster that would wake me up every morning. It sounded like he was right outside my window. I killed that fucker the next day. My neighbor and I thoroughly enjoyed him. He exploded the next day though. It’s been lonely here without him. At least I get to sleep-in these days. One good thing about all of this…

There’s no more television. Everything is gone. The last person I saw was my neighbor. My bedroom door just opened by itself and I excitedly thought for a second that I wasn’t alone. But alas, nothing. Perhaps I share this house with a ghost. Perhaps being a ghost is less painful, but who knows; one can only hope. 

*Coughs heavily again*…Gahlauhgaalhalaaabp! (the sound of throwing up a large amount of bile)

Oh, mercy. When you throw up bile, it means that the superbacteria has made its way up to stomach and you only have minutes until you explode.

I must say this quick. I got a little off topic and rambled a bit, but this is not JUST a story. This is the story of how humanity will cease to exist on Earth. I’m the last surviving human because I didn’t follow the majority into eating GMOs for as long as I could. This is intended as a cautionary tale for extraterrestrial visitors. Our existence is far more fragile than we realize and one poor decision could have an irreversible snowball effect. Perhaps the ball is already rolling with GMOs or global warming or even something small on your planet.Everything around us should be taken seriously because it could be the beginning of our demise. Morality needs to be the central concern of everybody and our worlds’ problems came from greed. If only we could have figured out how to co-exist. 

For anyone whose ears ever hear this: Please find morality and not greed on your planet. Learn from us. Greed can kill your planet in an instant. It was only a matter of time on our planet. Greed would have killed us sooner or later, whether by nuclear war, global warming, or who knows what else. A civilization ruled by greed always has an end date. Killing the rooster next door is always worth your while…



Click(the sound of an extraterrestrial being turning off the recorder)

“Do you know who Oprah is?” asks one.

“No, sounds evil” says the other

“We probably shouldn’t have brought all of those apples back to Kepler 438b on our last trip.” 

“I have been feeling a bit constipated…”


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