Growing up to be free

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It takes courage to recognise children as grown ups and leave them alone.

Submitted: January 14, 2007

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Submitted: January 14, 2007



(Rewritten version of an earlier article. Read it here:

Young adults must learn to live on their own, lead their own life, and decide for themselves if they are to be human beings in the real sense of this term. Living under tutelage of parents is harmful in a real sense — it destroys a healthy sense of self-worth and well being, and the ability to look at the world as fresh as one did when one was born.

Here is what the mother of Shilpa Shetty, the Indian actress reportedly bullied recently on the reality tv show Celebrity Big Brother said about her daughter's past life: ""She is waited upon, she has an entourage travelling with her, I travel with her, she is never on her own. Everything is done for her but she thought that she wanted to experience this on her own," she said. "May be it would also show her something of the other side of life," she added.

In countries like India, parenthood is often glorified and considered sacrosanct. Yet, good intentions often come in the way of wellbeing, and can harm more than anything else. The natural state of an adult is that of being free, and forming free relationships. It has perhaps to do with tradition that refuses to let go of grown up teens. Or is it actually a matter of following others, and keeping one's family prestige high in the eyes of those who hold similar beiefs about an everlasting or extended parenting?

That teens are rebellious is a commonly understood idea with all. It has less to do with biology and more to do with human nature. The instinct to be free and live one's own life in one's own terms is quite human. We might have begun in history as part of small tribes and communities. The spread of freedom has only now brought us to face ourseleves as masters of our own self and rulers of our life.

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