Living a free life

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A principle that guides us in living a free life.

Submitted: January 07, 2007

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Submitted: January 07, 2007



As an individual grows up, he becomes a free person in his own right, begins to rule his life, makes his own life decisions, and becomes independent. He is the sole guardian of his best interests, his own self-protector, and the sole maker of his decisions. This alone makes him responsible for his actions. It is not a huge price to pay considering the ownership rights of your body, mind and soul that come with it for a lifetime!

To govern oneself, be one's own ruler, is to be free in its real sense. This is how children are distinguished from adults, and the latter considered responsible for their behaviour. Guardianship, paternalism, protectionism, coming from outside, remove this distinction, and reduce adults to a child-like state.

The strongest blow that can be delivered to an individual is to consider him or her unfit for freedom, and put them under some form of guardianship or paternalism, undermining their free nature, returning them into a childhood-like state.

Freedom is not the only human value, but it imparts dignity and respect in being human. A free man deserves respect in taking care of himself, pursuing his own life, feeding and clothing himself,  and not becoming a burden on others. Only such an individual is a true human being.

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