The Liberos discover Earth

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The Liberans had evolved and lived on this planet for billions of years, and were now on the lookout for a new hospitable planet...

Submitted: April 01, 2007

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Submitted: April 01, 2007



I. The Liberos civilisation

Far away from the Milky Way, in a distant galaxy, lies a small planet called Liberos, inhabited by a race of intelligent creatures, called the Liberans. The Liberans had evolved and lived on this planet for billions of years, and were now on the lookout for a new hospitable planet to expand their race and territory in the universe.

An extraordinary meeting was about to begin on this planet, organised by ET Search, a group of Liberans whose mission was to search for and locate a suitable planet for their race to settle in. On the agenda was a newly discovered planet called Earth, accidently spotted by a young ET Search executive who had clandestinely visited the planet and returned with his observations.

Before beginning with details of what transpired at the meeting, let us take a look at the Liberans and their civilisation.

The Liberan civilisation was built underground, with huge cities carved and built thousands of feet below the planet's surface. The planet was devoid of any atmosphere, with an expansive rocky terrain covering most of its surface. The Liberans were diminutive and fat, with a thick green skin. They had evolved from lower life forms, in particular the worm-like creatures that were found below the surface. Graced by nature with a round head with two oval-shaped eyes, they fed on soil and other lower life forms with their small mouth. A nose like diminutive structure below the eyes gave them a rudimentary sense of smell. They had no ears, and walked on two tiny feet like structures located below their fat torso. A long, slender tentacle with a sensitive tip, was located on their abdomen, and served as their organ of communication.

The Liberans communicated using electrical signals, transmitted and received through the tentacles. Several creatures could thus communicate instantly by connecting together their tentacle tips, an activity they called 'communion'.

Liberans were peace loving, sensitive yet reasonable, and gentle creatures, with little trace of aggression. They lived individually, not in families or groups, and protected their private spheres without hampering the overall progress of the race. To achieve the latter, they always acted with mutual interest in mind. Exploring the world, discovering, inventing, theorising, and enjoying a carefree life had been their age-old traditions, built over and forming an extension of their natural instincts.

Most of their knowledge was stored electronically in small, naturally occurring gland, originally a part of their brain, but which they had learnt to manufacture in factories. These additional glands could be incorporated in their bodies and its data accessed. Conversely, a data carrying gland could be stored in a repository outside for later use.

Liberans had no leaders, and had never needed any. There was thus no organised government anywhere. Though differing in status and positions, each individual lived and followed his life in accordance with their peaceful natural instincts and traditions, which were in harmony with and reinforced each other. Freedom thus was to them an essential part of life. Immediately after birth, little Liberans were able to live by their own wills and pursue their free lives without much guidance, as little adults. For the few aberrant violent cases, and there were only a few, there was a small task force that enforced the very few rules that were needed.

A Liberan was 'autosexual', and produced one offspring naturally, in a lifetime of about 500 Earth years, which translated into their one revolution. A Liberan's lifespan was thus only one Liberos year. Lacking sexual impulses, they were gentle and affable creatures, and concentrate on making their lives meaningful through explorative pursuits. This, in brief, was the world of Liberos, and they were only modestly proud of it.

II. The Liberan communion discusses Earth and its inhabitants

A big, round jar filled with semi-transparent jelly had been place on a round table carved out of stone and kept at the centre of the egg-shaped assembly hall. Over a two dozen Liberans, including the space executive, Zzoomo, who had returned from Earth, all of them fat in the middle, surrounded the table and dipped their tentacles in the jelly filled jar in order to commune.

The participants in the commune, the more significant ones, were:

Xama - the eldest Liberan alive
Xamaha - political scientist
Hoodoo - the historian
Kitt - a young psychologist
Lomoto - philosopher
Zzoomo - the space executive who discovered Earth

The rest of the gathering consisted of engineers, administrators, businessmen, and workers in general. Though many of their words and concepts, composed of electrical signals, can not be adequately translated into English, the conversation more or less went as follows.

Xama - Zzoomo, you have been to this planet armed with special equipment and knowledge to find out more about it and its inhabitants. Tell us first about the planet in general. Is the climate and habitat genial to us?

Zzoomo - Yes. Earth has a wonderfully warm climate, with rich, green vegetation full of delicious worms.

Hoodoo - Who lives there? You said there were billions of them spread all over the planet.

Zzoomo - They call themselves human beings. Man in short. They come in two varieties, males and females. They live in tall, constructed buildings over the surface. They have evolved from tree-hopping monkeys, now walk on two legs, and still live in families and groups. They communicate by making some noises with their open mouths in the atmosphere, and listen with organs called ears located on their head.

Kitt - Are they reasonable, rational creatures or foolish, violent and aggressive?

Zzoomo - Both. Their history is full of wars, which have only become worse as they keep discovering better and better weapons. Though they are all humans, they divide themselves on every conceivable notion - nations, states, communities, religions, languages, and so on.

Lomoto - Then why do you call them reasonable?

Zzoomo - Well, some of them believe in notions of freedom and equality. Their strongest nation is considered the land of liberty where everyone is supposed to live a free life. It is not surprising that therefore they have made enemies.

Xama - Do they have knowledge of the physical world? Do they know more about reality and the universe than us?

Zzoomo - I had visited a library in the form of a bookworm and tried to find out how much they knew. They know only a fraction of what we have discovered. Their greatest scientist, Einostono - or some such name - has discovered theories that we know to be false and mistaken - the relativity of units of measurements. They don't realise that time is only a superficial manifestation of a deeper, absolute reality which is constant everywhere, and appears in different forms as per its circumstances, a theory put forward by our greatest thinker, Blockoheado. Another philosopher among them thinks that their language puts limits on what they can think about, though I couldn't still understand how they could miss knowing so much of what we have come to know.

Hoodoo - You said there were two varieties - males and females?

Zzoomo - Yes. They differ in their bodies, especially the lower parts. The females give birth to new members of the species after copulating with the males with their private parts. And while doing so...ha ha ha...Zzoomo had sent a flurry of signals to the jar at this point, which translates into a state of laughter... they seemed to go into a state of bliss for a few moments. I did not get a chance to observe the act in reality as it is committed in strict privacy, and was uptill now shrouded with shame and secrecy.

Lomoto - What kind of creature is this man? What does he believe in?

Zzoomo - They blindly believe in leaders and obeying them. Their most unusual belief is in the existence of a creator of the world, called Godoto, or some such name. Most humans believe in this, call it by different names, and fight and kill each other over whose Godoto is the true one and ought to be worshipped. The truth about the matter is understood by many, but the divisions and fighting still continue, probably due to other reasons.

Hoodoo - What else can you tell us about them?

Zzoomo - Man appears to be a rule following animal, though some of them make rules for others and do not observe these for themselves, called hypocrisy in their language. Some of them try to cheat each other using various tricks and methods. I also found many of their species in ill health and poverty. Many were begging for something called moono - pieces of paper they use to buy and sell everything. Success and failure, victory and defeat play a great role in their society and life.

They also spend a lot of time grooming themselves to look good, especially the females. Unlike us, they appear in several guises to each other - in their families, at work, and in public, and behave differently as per their relationships. Some of them have made a profession of this, called acting. The species, surprisingly, is a self-reflecting and critical one, and they often make fun of each other in literature and arts.

Xama - Would it be a good idea to strike a pact with such a creature? Perhaps we could create cities underground, deep below the surface, and live there peacefully.

Lomoto - What if they attack us with their weapons? They are not fully rational.

Zzoomo - That should not be a problem. The tiniest portion of our rock-blasting powder can wipe out the whole species. Though we must be careful of some of them. They may come to us with well meaning intentions, and try and take control of us and our cities.

Xama - I can't make head or tail of this species and this creature called man. He appears to be still in the making. He is not yet in harmony with his true self and instincts. Let us continue with our search for a planet where freedom has prevailed to the maximum extent and made its creatures noble and rational to the core. Zzoomo, get going....

With this remark, the Liberans withdrew their tentacles from the jar, and the communion came to an end.


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