Please Take A Chance

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Just a new poem. One of my better ones I think..

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



With a smile, not a wink nor a clever reply

With a laugh, just a laugh, I can't help but sigh

With a single shy glance tossed slyly my way

You ask me a question, and yes, yes you may

You may, my dear sir, be the one for me

I'll always be waiting for you patiently

I'm taking the risk, yes risking the fall

I know that you'll catch me if you care at all

Not a soul in this world can see the symmetry

But I know that "you" and "me" should be a "we"

Don't ask how I know, just give us a chance

I'm ready for you to make your advance

I made mistakes in love when I was younger

Now it's a true, deep connection I hunger

Don't rob me of this; don't be quick to dimiss it

Because if you give this chance up, boy, you're gonna miss it

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