Don't Fear the Storm

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Angry gray clouds foretell a storm...

Submitted: January 14, 2008

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Submitted: January 14, 2008



Angry gray clouds foretell a storm,
Rough waves lash out against the ivory sands,
Come with me where it is warm,
There is room aplenty in my log cabin.

Thunder booms in the far off distance,
A warning that the storm is getting closer,
Now rain attacks the cabin roof with violence,
I’m just hoping the storm will pass soon.

All around a wailing and moaning,
Like a legion of ghosts waits outside the door,
All we hear is whistling and groaning,
As if the wind is coming for us.

A sudden clap of thunder followed by a blue streak in the sky,
A loud noise and there goes the lights,
Alice’s little baby begins to cry,
She rocks her and tell her everything’s alright.

So many people huddling together,
We’re just waiting out the storm,
Praying for a change in the weather,
Wishing that the roads won’t flood.

We watch in awe from the windows,
As nature unleashes her fury,
I say to stand back, don’t get so close,
For the lightning might strike you down.

The rain starts to lighten,
And the sun peeks out,
I told you not to be frightened,
Just careful is all.

To your little baby I say,
Don’t be afraid little one,
It’s all over, it’s all okay,
Don’t be afraid, for the storm is gone.


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